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  • moomanchu

    Recieved this e-mail from a JW relative, thought I would share the lunacy.

    Not trying to foretell anything, just some interesting things that happened in October. Watchtower Library has many more.


    These events all took place in October?

    Adam was created around the first of October.

    Babylon fell on October 5, 539 BCE.

    Jesus Christ was born on early October, 2 BCE.

    Jesus was baptized on October 1, 29 CE.

    Jesus' ministry began in October.

    The 70 years of desolation began on October 1, 607 BCE and ended on October 1, 537 BCE.

    After exile the Jews arrived back in Jerusalem on October 1, 537 BCE.

    Noah's family entered the ark during October 600th year of his life and came out in October 601.

    Thus the flood in Noah's day began in October, 2370 BCE.

    Many of the Festivals were held in October.

    Annual Meeting held in October.

    October is recognized as the beginning of the Jewish civil year.

    "The Gentile Times, When do they End" CT Russell in the Oct 1876 issue of Bible Examiner announces "The Gentile Times will end in 1914".

    Oct 31, 1517 Martin Luther nailed 95 thesis on the church door.

    Oct 31, 1916 Brother Russell died.

    Oct. 1919 first issue of the Golden Age magazine 75yb p123.

    Oct. 1921 Call went out for Colporteurs (pioneers).

    Oct 1922 Door to Door preaching was accelerated. 75yb p133.

    Oct 1931 Watchtower no longer bore Cross & Crown on its cover 75yb p145.

    Oct 15, 1931 God’s personal name "Jehovah" appeared on front cover of Watchtower

    Oct 29, 1929 "Black Tuesday" Stock market collapsed.

    Oct 5, 1932 A Resolution passed ending the electing of elders.

    Oct 15, 1932 All congregations promptly stopped electing elders.

    Oct 4, 1934 J.F. Rutherford appeared before the Federal Communications Commission with a Petition protesting Catholic Acts. It was signed by 2,416,144.

    Oct 1, 1934 Witnesses in Germany dispatched a protest by telegram to Officials of Hitler’s government. Followed later by congregations worldwide.

    Oct. 1, 1942 "Servants to the Brethren" (Circuit Overseers) were sent out to visit congregations twice a year.

    Oct. 1942 Watchtower Bible School of Gilead formed.

    Oct. 15, 1945 Congregations divided into circuits, about 20 in each circuit.

    Oct. 1, 1972 Body of Elders have oversight of congregation.

    Remember: many more if you research October in your Watchtower Library

  • Spectre

    And out of all recorded history, nothing significant ever happened in the other 11 months?

  • greendawn

    Wouldn't the other 11 months also have their fair share of major events if someone searched out history? To me the JW events don't have any significance at all so they shouldn't be there in the list, the JWs are just a minor albeit vocal cult that now seems to be on the decline.

  • chiddy

    Poppycock , Watchtower diarrhea

  • ladybug25

    I remember receiving the same e-mails years ago. I'm talking, 8-10 years ago. We somehow manage to live through another October.

    Another October event: HALLOWEEN! ;)

  • fullofdoubtnow
    thought I would share the lunacy.

    That's what it is - lunacy. Someone's clutching at straws again.

  • Finally-Free

    And the most significant event of all!!!

    In October 2002 I evicted the book study from my home!!!


  • Hellrider

    The most important thing about october, in my little navle-centered world, is that I was born october 18th. Me and Julia Roberts. I will be 33 years old in three weeks, and all I want is a big, flatscreen-TV (preferably 37"), XboX and Playstation 2. Oh, and world peace, of course....

  • TweetieBird

    I got married in you think it means something?

  • JH

    Talking about October, this generation is now 92 years old. and Billions have died since 1914.

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