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  • GoingGoingGone

    Hi ladybug and welcome!

    Check out the 'Best of' section of this site. There are lots of different topics to read about. If you read enough, you will realize that the WTS is NOT God's mouthpiece, and any fears you might have will be gone. You will be free. It's a WONDERFUL feeling!

    Best of luck to you!


  • ladybug25

    I have a good group of girlfriends and recently a new girl joined our group. It turns out she is df'd and her story, is much worse. I am thankful that my story is what it is and does not involved abuse or molestation.

  • Dansk
    It turns out she is df'd and her story, is much worse.

    Get her to come here!



  • ladybug25

    She's been "out" for over 6 years now. So she is actually doing really well and has offered to "help me through it". I will have to tell her about this site though.

  • moshe

    You have the hard part past you Ladybug- I hope your husband can get past his mental guilt trip about the witnesses soon. Welcome to the JW discussion board.



  • Gill

    Welcome ladybug25!!

    I hope to read more of your posts soon! I'm glad you have escaped the craziness that is JW land.

    Anyway, I need to cut to the chase here so I hope you don't think I'm rude if I'm direct and blunt about the experience of some JWs who want to leave but can't completely and mentally, such as your husband.

    It seems you may well be a few steps ahead of him in leaving but he is in that dangerous stage. He is in the stage where he still believes what the WTBTS says about ALL the people in the world who are NOT JWs.

    He has tattoos, he smokes, he wants to go to strip clubs, he's talking about smoking pot.....yeah that what ALL non JWs do. Is that clever?

    Is his plan to go from being a brain dead dub to being a brain dead ex dub, as the Society paints all non JWs or is he going to wake up and see the world for what it really is. The vast majority of people in the world are moral, upstanding, caring people. Does he really believe that leaving dub land means he has to act like an idiot? Is there any chance he can get his brain into gear and discover the truth about the world at large and that it isnt all the way the Watchtower paints it.

    Does he believe everybody has to behave in a foolish way to be counted a non JW or can he not see that ....well I think you get what I'm trying to say to you?

    I'll give you one more example. My Sister left JW land and went out with her friends a few months ago. After a few drinks they all decided to 'Moon' in the street at a group of men. Well, they went to 'Moon' but the only one who really did was my sister. The others were shocked at her behaviour, but she believed that ALL, (here I'm not saying that none do) but she believed all non JWs behaved like idiots every where they went.

    One more example. My son's ex girlfriend is a JW elders daughter. Her family are true fanatics. The sister of this girl and her husband allowed my son and his girlfriend to sleep together at their house after going clubbing on thursday evenings. The brother in Law is a MS has tatoos, smokes and is a fanatical nut JW by the way. Go figure these idiots out. Considering what he knew about them, my son thought nothing of saying that the WTBTS was nothing but a bunch of charlatans and just a book publishing company. For his pains he was screamed at, thumped and thrown out of the house. Those idiots believe that the WTBTS is The Truth!!!! They think they are behaving normally, because starting fights in bars, tatooing your arse cos that's the only part people can't see at the KH, having piercings of their nether regions, cos no one at the hall will know, but they believe EVERYONE non JW behaves in such a outlandish manner.

    Certainly the WTBTS twists and corrupts peoples minds.

    Finally, for both of you, research, research, research on everything you can about the history of the WTBTS and take it from there.

    I hope your poor husband wakes from his strange attitudes soon and learns more respect for the people in the world, because he may just be hanging around with the 'wrong bunch'!

    I wish you well! But the answer to this is in both your hands and you can only find real truths about anything by reading and researching. You have my sympathys as I too was a total moron brain dead, brain washed JW. It's taken me four years to really understand the WTBTS and I wish you the best in your attempts to escape its grip completely!


  • grey matters
    grey matters
    He battles more so than I do because his family wont let up. They bring us the magazines and preach to him everytime they talk.

    Yeah, they really need to stop doing that. They are clearly causing a lot of tension that could cause a lot of damage. Some of us react to being pushed like that by pushing back, really hard. That can lead to a serious confrontation. Sometimes we internalize it, and that can be worse. I would really encourage your husband to seek counsel from a therapist. I am not ashamed to say that that has worked well for me. It has helped me to stand my ground (a process my therapist refers to as "individuation") without creating an atomic fireball of confrontation that will cause a complete end to the relationship between my parents and I. It has also helped me to realize that engaging in self destructive behaivior in an attempt to spite the JW's only hurts me.

    Most on this board have been where you guys are. We look forward to seeing more of you here.

    Oh, and please try to stop worrying about "Armaggedon". The only thing you really need to know about the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses is that they are wrong. Did the "end" come in 1914 when they originally said it would? No. Did it come in 1925 when they said it would? No. Did in come in 1975? No. How about a few years later, when Eve was supposedly created? No. 8 years from now it will be 2014, 100 years after 1914. It won't come then either. It is true that Jesus said that "only the Father knows the day and the hour", but these idiots can't even nail it down to the century. It's pathetic. They simply don't know what they are talking about. So don't worry about it. It isn't going to happen. There are many other pursuits and concerns that are far more worthy of your time.

    Best wishes to both of you. This is a tough thing. But you can get through it, as many of us have.

  • juni

    Welcome Ladybug!

    Thank you for sharing your story. You will find many, many people at this site who can truly empathize with your situation.

    It would be wonderful if your husband would join with you. A lot of excellent information and fun. I'm glad you have found friends too.

    Please come back and join us!


  • crazyblondeb
    have a good group of girlfriends and recently a new girl joined our group. It turns out she is df'd and her story, is much worse. I am thankful that my story is what it is and does not involved abuse or molestation.

    Welcome ladybug!! Glad u r here!

    I hope your friend will come here, too. Alot of us experienced some type of abuse and/or molestation. I was molested by my stepdad, who was a MS. There is alot of support and healing here, for both of you!


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Hi Ladybug, welcolme to the forum.

    You and your husband are going through the same stuff I did for most of my life.

    I still believed it was the Truth, but I couldn't bring myself to submit to being under the control of the WT.

    What I eventually did was study the WT again. This time I studied it for truthfulness. This was something I had never done. This is something all JWs haven't done.

    What I found out blew my socks off and freed me from the same mental problems you two are having. Do it.

    I wish you both a better future.



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