Jw out in full force with tract on September 30/06 (tomorrow)

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  • awol

    I have only joined this site a couple of days ago... and have been reading EVERYTHING. Wanted to call up my best friend (still a JW) and tell her everything.... mmm risk loosing her forever! So, slowly, I will say small things to her. I was a baptised sister, so she will not be surprised me asking things.

    Now, neither she, nor my remaining JW family OR any JW's have pushed through the door or given me a brochure!!!! I wanted to ask my friend when I would get my copy, but she would ask where I heard this from. I was hoping I would get a knock at the door.... but NO. I have only twice had a JW knock since I've lived here 3.5 yrs! I am in most of the time and so I would of thought I would. One time, I was in a rush and the guy mumbled something about the watchtower (didn't wanna be door knocking obviously) and I said oh I have family that are JW's so he said OK and went!!!! I did smile. I used to LOVE it when people said NO thanks cos then I could say OK and be off again! ha ha.

    I want to see this brochure!!!! I demand they knock at my door!! ha ha

  • headmath

    I want to clarify some things. I did say the dubs were out with the new tract. Well now I hear from the grapvine that the end of religion tracts were only released yesterday in my area(Vancouver B.C.) (Sept1-06)

    The campaign does not start till October 15 or 16th I'm not sure which. At any rate you all have more time to prepare for any dubs that come by. You all might want to place your apostate tract at laundromats for a fine witness

    Imagine standiing just a few yards from the dubs on the street corner and hand out your tract.

    BTW any body else come up with any interesting apostate tracts?

  • J.J.

    Is there a copy of the tract anywhere? What is the topic?

  • headmath

    I made a boo boo last post I said that the tract was released in the vancouver area on Sept 1/06. Well now I really don't blutty know when it was released. All I know is that sometime in October is going to be the special campaign with the end of religion tract.

    JJ I do believe a poster named elsewhere had posted a PDF document of the end of religion tract

  • juni

    We live in Wisconsin in this house for 4 years. Only once have the JWs knocked at the door.

    I haven't had anything left at the door or any visits.


  • aniron

    Seeing we know what the tract says even before its distributed.

    How about coming up with some points from it that can be used with the JW who mat come to your door with the tract.

    They will be surprised if you say "Yeah I read that about a month ago and heres a couple points I'd like to talk about"

  • rebel8

    “You will be interested to learn that God has on earth a people, all of whom are prophets ... Jehovah's Witnesses.”-Awake 6/8/1986

  • awol

    My sis is still a JW, and so is my best friend.

    Okay, so neither of them has offered me the tract.... or talked to me about it or the contents.

    I am NOT df'd just fallen away. SO, how comes no one thinks I'm very important in this matter!!! Never felt important in the cult when I did go! But this is not very nice is it!! I ONLY know about the tract and its contents from this forum! AMAZING the end of the system is coming (again) and they will only tell a few! NICE.

    My mum and my other little sister have been told about the tract and that my sister has one for them each - but not me my brother and our df'd sister!!!!

    Well I miss it even less.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I know exactly what awol is saying here.

    I wasn't invited to the Deliverance Arsembly, even though my heathen neighbour was.

    I am sure none of my family will give me this tract either. (I had a copy before they did anyway)

    Now that my family has what they have always wanted (me to study the WT) they don't do anything that may start a conversation about the results of my studies.



  • awol

    My mum just sent a text saying my sister has a tract to give her - but not til the 12th.

    Was talking to my JW friend at the time, I read the text out to her.... acting like "what's that then?"..... she said "She is not supposed to talk about it or give it out til 12th...." So I asked what it was about then. She said "It's all about the end of false religion and that it is gonna happen soon".... I said "Oh, what AGAIN!" She then said "don't, have you seen the news". She also is gonna give me a copy tommorrow when I pop over.... even though I'm not supposed to. She said I'll get a copy from a witness on 12th any way.... Well, they NEVER knock here (only couple times in 3 yrs). I didn't get the one inviting me to the assembly either. Btw... even tho im a faded JW they don't know me in this area as I have moved here in recent yrs, so theyre not avoiding me due to ex JW status.

    She said she will talk to me tommorrow about the tract!!! Great!

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