Did You Ever "Report" Someone (Or Yourself) To The Elders???

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  • dedpoet

    No, I never did that, even when I saw someone smoking. They knew I'd seen them, and expected me to report it, but I had a quiet word with them just before a meeting, and told them I wasn't going to say anything, even though I was an ms at the time. The person was a good friend of mine, so I let them off.

  • wifey

    Unfortunately yes, our beloved daughter. Thought we were doing the right thing in J's eyes.

    Even though we never shunned her the way we were suppose to it still caused a lot of stress in our relationship.

    How glad I am that we are out of there and can be free to love her and her kids the way parents are meant to.


  • Warlock


    Never anyone else. Never would do that. Though I could have.

    But I was a sucker when it came to me: thought I would go to the elders and get healed so as to ease my guilty conscience.

    Damn......whoops. No wonder you and I get along. I did the same thing. Turning myself in never eased my conscience, though.


  • lisavegas420

    both..I turned myself in after I got pregnant ....and before anyone could tell. I told the elders that my parents didn't know....which they didn't.....and I wasn't ready for them to find out. I also told them we only had sex one time.....Nothing was done. The KH even had me a baby shower,

    years later...married to my second worldly husband, who sold dope,...i ratted out a studying brother for buying dope from him,...but only because my husband at the time and his brothers were giving me such a hard time about it. And acting like JW's were just like everyone else..and not so special...like I thought they were. I'm sorry I did it...but...he stopped his bible study. So I now feel like I did him and his family a favor.


  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    I never did, but I was turned in many times for example: having a worldly girlfriend, accused of having dirty thoughts about breasts from some chick in the hall, practicing witchcraft, drug use, associating with worldly friends, celebrating birthdays, and being a bad influeance on other youth in the hall. The using witchcraft one was funny, the story is that it was my friends birthday so I wanted to buy her some cool stuff, so I got her some black candles, incense, sparking apple cider, well the check out guy was a JW boy from the hall, he told the elders that I was buying witchcraft stuff.

  • TopHat

    For some reason, the group of friends I had, always kept our friends sins (against the org that is) quiet. We felt that we are all imperfect no point in making a stir. . Even after I told three of my friends I no longer want to have anything to do with the WTS and why. They have still kept quiet. One Elder has come to my home only to ask me to the Memorial of Christ death.

  • minimus

    When I was younger, it was "normal" to keep your eyes open and "help keep Jehovah's Organization clean". When I was about 15, I saw the Ministry School Servant smoke a cigarette in his cab. He denied it and that was the end of it.

  • solo

    The using witchcraft one was funny, the story is that it was my friends birthday so I wanted to buy her some cool stuff, so I got her some black candles, incense, sparking apple cider, well the check out guy was a JW boy from the hall, he told the elders that I was buying witchcraft stuff.

    wordly andre, You know you might have missed a trick here, technically that bro was selling witchcraft stuff ?! And how on earth did they go about proving the dirty thoughts about breasts, now that is funny!

    I had loads of sh*t on a couple of elders daughters, being filthy little madams with wordly boys! I never grassed on anyone tho, although my older brother was always causing trouble for me, most of it made up stuff. Strange really cos he's still a JW, my goodness what a crap life he must have had, shame,

  • restrangled

    I told my mother something once when I was young that a girl friend admitted to me and she RAN to the elders with it.

    After that never again.

    We lived the "1984" experience in our hall during the 60/70's. Everyone was watching and tattling on everyone else. Even our neighbors were told by my mother to report anything they saw one of us kids doing. She took a lot of pride in getting our neighborhood territory to preach in and let everyone know how respectable we all were. The family names and Jehovah's name were all tied up together.

    She even turned in my Dad in the late 60's before the elder arrangement had come about, to the overseer. When the overseer came to the house he asked my mom "What, are you the spiritual police"? Dad had been padding is service time to reflect 10 hours a month. Nevermind he was working 60 hours a week supporting us.

    My brothers were trained as very young boys to report anything their older sister was doing. Even their friends kept watch for them.

    It was a very sickening time period.......someone was always watching, spying, or eavesdropping. From the time I was 12 up until I left home at 18, my phone calls were recorded and diaries were broken into and read. I saw my brothers' mail steamed open and after he died my mother wanted his private medical records and the doctor refused. He had gone to Florida for Spring break one year and contracted something. She wanted to know!

    This my friends, is the true Watchtower Society and mind set of Jehovah's Witnesses for any lurkers and apologists out there crying foul about apostates.

    This is just the tip of the iceburg of the middle history of JW's missing from your studies and indoctrination. Please take note.


  • bavman

    I was stupid enough to turn myself in thinking the elders would help me. It turned out that was impossible.

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