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    any takers?


    Oh yeah. The great "Wife Swapping Scandal of 1975" in Panama City, Florida.

  • awol

    Well, I worked with son of PO who was a coke taking, fornicating, clubbing, smoking, drinking boy! His (witness) girlfriend had an abortion and his friends would all be at it with drugs, sex and rock and roll! lol. Actually he was just normal and I loved him. But, he was a hypocrite and did go off to the meetings and act like the perfect son of the PO. He thought it funny that he gave talks, and would make me larf when telling me how he gave a talk on drugs or sex before marrage or something. His sis was just the same.... and YES the PO dad knew ALL that was going on in his perfect family and covered it all up! LOL.

    I found it amusing, as I had left by then.

  • TheHypnoToad

    First time poster, husband of Kitten Whiskers, Yes, this happend after we left, but my father, former elder (removed because my mother was DF) told me that the PO (with a pioneer wife and two kids) had an affair with a Poineer sister (wife of former elder) who has a poineer son and a son in bethel. Both the PO and pioneer were DF'd. Now only 3 elders left for a cong. of 120+. My grandmother and father told me that at a district convention that they said "the end is so close you can taste it", well my taste buds have changed!

  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    Hi Thehypnotoad! Had to be the first to welcome hubby to the board!Kitten Whiskers

  • Lo-ru-hamah

    Which story do you want to hear. I have attended a lot of KH.

    In Louisiana an Elder/Substitue C.O. had an affair with a young pioneer girl. I think that she was only 16 or 17. He was removed and d'fed. Then later his wife left with another Elders wife and are still living together last I heard.

    In Texas congo. P.O. was a child molester, practicing homosexual, while married to a pioneer sister. He molested his children and anyone who was unfortunate enough to come around him.

    In another Texas congo. P.O. was having an affair with a Pioneer elders wife for 10 years. When they were finally caught they said that they had only held hands and played footsies. No judicial action was taken.

    In another Texas congo P.O. molested his step grand daughter. So, did his son-n-law.

    Another Texas congo a brother raped another brothers wife in front of her children. Elders in their congo felt sorry for the rapist and went and comforted him after the incident. They never even went to visit the sister who was raped.

    Another Texas congo a M.S. was a convited rapist but was still allowed to serve as a M.S. They even had young pioneer girls living on their property.

    Another Texas congo an Elders wife tried to murder him. No judicial action was taken.

    My little brother who is now an elder has had accusations about him and his wife couple swapping. Excessive drunkeness and his wife has supposedly entertained my brother and a friends husband by making out in front of them with the other guys wife.

    Need I continue?


  • jwfacts

    I am the son of a CO, and well on the way to becoming one of Australia's most active apostates.

    A CO in Western Australia had an affair with a sister in a congregation an was d/f in the 1990's

    There were a string of separations whilst I was in Bethel in the 1990's. 2 different married elders in Bethel both were having affairs. One with an 18 year old from his cong. The other had sex with his wifes best friend, actually did it in Bethel once. Another couple stayed in Bethel for a couple of months before being sent to the islands for missionary work. The husband had an affair with an island sister and left his wife whilst still in missionary work. Another couple separated shortly after being in Bethel. And another ex Bethelite ended up with an article in a business magazine over here asking the questions "is this Australia's biggest con man?"

  • Roski
    Roski with an 18 year old from his congregation.....

    If that happened about 15 years ago they ended up in my old congregation. Of course there was R Cowling's dad - but that is ancient history.

  • anewme

    And these are just the ones who are caught! Clean Organization! Bah! Rubbish! Human Organization full of sinners is more like it. What cant they just be honest and state the facts?

  • jwfacts

    Hi Roski, it was about 15 years ago, wow time flies. You have given away what city you live in. You should meet up with us sometime for drinks.

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