Why is the watchtower anonymously written

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  • Alligator Wisdom
    Alligator Wisdom

    I personally know a brother in the Writing Commitee in New York. He always made it known on which articles that he had a "hand" in composing. Maybe he wanted the extra attention thinking that the R&F will look upon him as having an extra amount of Jehovah's guiding spirit.

    Alligator Wisdom (aka Brother NOT Exerting Vigorously by WTS standards)

  • yaddayadda

    Because we might find out that much of the 'spiritual food at the proper time' is written by members of the great crowd, also sisters. So much for being fed by the 'faithful and discreet slave'. It's also hypocritical to claim the anonymity prevents glory going on to some individual. As we all know, the GB laps up the glory, regularly publishing pictures of themselves standing at a podium in their corporate suites at assemblies, and the organisation itself it idolised and promoted even ahead of Christ. 'Truly they are having their reward in full'. Compare with the SDA's regular magazine "Record" - every article has the authors name and photo and a brief snapshot of who the author is.

  • barry

    Gday Yaddayadda,

    Im an SDA and the real reason we have information about the authors of our magazines is so we dont waste valuable time reading the articals of people that are teaching heresy in our magazines. If they teach heresy once, likely they will push their point of view again. Thats where the WT society is very tricky in being anonymous. Barry

  • carla

    I was told it was so that no glory could be given to any individual. Funny thing is that my jw gets his undies in a bunch because you apostates won't sign your name to things! He also wants names supplied if I tell him some horror story from a board. 'What hall? Who are the elders? Who is saying this?' His reason for asking is so he can confront the elders and verify the story. And to possibly tell the elders they were wrong to do xxxx.... yeah right. He still doesn't get it, how jc's work or any of it.

    Or you get the opposite, we can't name names because then we would be guilty of gossip. Even if the name was already in the newspaper?

  • Honesty
    Somehow it takes away a bit of the sense of awe when receiving words from the "Faithful Discreet Slave" only to find out his name is "Bob".

    Like I said, M.J., "I'm stupid but not that stupid. I wouldn't have any readers if they knew I wrote that stuff. B Bob b

  • greendawn

    In the WTS there is no FDS apart from the GB and their mainly non anointed inner circle who according to Ray Franz write up most of the articles. No word from the rest of the FDS as defined by the org.

    They are anonymous because they do not want to accept liability for all the problems such articles may eventually cause.

    "The articles published in the Watchtower were anonymously published because Rutherford was jealous of anyone else receiving attention for the published material."

    Good point the freak was so narcistic, also there are some claims that Franz ghost wrote many of the books ascribed to Rutherford.

  • read good books
    read good books

    When people write articles in the newspaper you can write them and complain about their opinions or facts. It may or may not do any good but at least their is some accountability, something the borg will never accept.

  • trevor

    The main source of instruction to the members comes from the Watchtower magazine, particularly the question and answer articles designed for the main Sunday meeting. The information in these articles is believed to reflect God’s thoughts to the members as revealed through the Society.

    These articles never state who wrote them. They are just accepted as spiritual food passed on by those at the very top of the organization. Over the many years that this policy has been in force, an aura of great mystery has built up and adds to the feeling of powerful invincibility that the Society enjoy. This anonymity helps to support the belief that God himself is communicating through the Watchtower. Due to this, no blame can ever be attributed to an individual for failed prophecies of changes in beliefs.

  • sf

    So that you are not able to question, probe or rebutt the author.


    Vanity has nothing to do with it.


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