New special campaign....a few things that most don't see....

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  • RedPill2006

    Ok. We have that "special" campaign ahead.....i still don't know how i will avoid family is all excited and WILL put the pressure on.....I might get my 50 tracts and toss them will look suspicious that I finished after an hour and "placed" 50 pcs in a territory that is closed to JW.....anyway. Here a few thoughts that crossed my mind:

    Everybody at my Hall is all excited about this special tract and I can't get the nice conversations I usually have with a few going, because of the excitement. Here is why:

    Most are making the connections: "Oh-this-MUST-be-THE-END" campaign, because you see "Pope-making-funny-comments-Spain-Government-tossing-Catholic-Church-out-All-World-hates-bad-Religions (not ours)-like-Muslims-and-now-this-tract-IN-OCTOBER (if you are/where a witness you know what october means for them"

    This gets me all mad! Because here are my observations:

    IF this is the ALL-or-NOTHING campaign THEN EVERY HUMAN should be advised about they're inminent dead. But, 50 tracts X 6 Million Witnesses (not all will place 50 pcs, children and elderly NOT, and many others NONE) This makes for 300 Million privileged persons that WILL hear about possible dead.......this is not even 1% of, take into account that 50 Milllion will be placed in US (1 Mio JW) if you look at 211 countries they means MOST WILL NOT HEAR about their death sentence.

    Then, if this would be for real they would use they're whole wealth and the hundreds of millions they have in investments to make the biggest ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN on earth (TV, Radio - hey they did this for issues less important than this one), Internet, Newspapers, etc.) BUT NO. This is a small activity campaign....LOL, the Kingdom Ministry even says that you SHOULD NOT use it in street service, only door to door and if nobody home leave it......if you really wanted to advertise this STREET WORK would be the most obvious since they push that so much in other ocassions......

    PLUS: The tract is really covard: shows picture of catholic priest - NOT an Muslim Iman.....also does not mention UN as the beast.....etc.

    My viewpoint: LAME! This couldn't be LAMER.......First it caught my interest that they would have a real SHOW starting, but now......really lame. I feel sad about this whole thing, but worser about participating in it......


  • jgnat

    Based on your past experience, how long do you think their zeal will hold up? A month? Two months?

    Perhaps XJW activists can prepare a counter-campaign to help the disappointed JW's when they are at their lowest.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi RedPill, and welcome to the forum.

    You are right, there is nothing special about it, just the same old bs recycled again. Actually, it is intellectually dishonest in that it talks about the "world's governments", rather than the UN. destroying false religion, unless they have had some new light on that without telling anyone.

    Also, it is hypocritical in that it states that false religion tolerates child abuse among it's leadesrship, which we know the wts does. I know one house in the UK where a tract won't be placed, if they bring one here I will tear it into shreds before their eyes. I don't blame you at all for not wanting to distribute such hypocritical bull$hit.

  • juni

    Good morning Redpill,

    Also welcome to the forum. A very good Topic! Yes, you would think if this is IT then there would be a much different approach like you had said. You presented some statistics that one should consider.

    Basically I think people in the org. are so in a fog that they are easily duped. They just blindly follow along as that is the mindset that they are "allowed"- they fire them all up and later have some lame excuse for nothing happening. But don't dare question us as you know what happens to doubters.


  • kittyeatzjdubs
    "Oh-this-MUST-be-THE-END" campaign, because you see "Pope-making-funny-comments-Spain-Government-tossing-Catholic-Church-out-All-World-hates-bad-Religions (not ours)-like-Muslims-and-now-this-tract-IN-OCTOBER (if you are/where a witness you know what october means for them"

    What's special about October? I don't remember any special emphasis ever being put on October....of course I never paid attention anyway.

    Welcome btw!

    ~luv, jojo

  • Zico

    The new tracts were released at our meeting last week, and we were told to write on the back of our report how many we place, during October and November, as the Society want to keep a record of it. I guess the Society will print a report in a future KM about how many were placed, to prove how successful the campaign was. Of course, they won't be printing a ratio of how many bible studies, or even magazine routes were started after placing these tracts during the campaign. And considering that Armageddon didn't come after the last 36 Kingdom News tracts, why do they think the 37th is so significant anyway?

  • AuldSoul


    All the BIG EVENTS in Bible prophecy happen in October or April, that is the general belief of JWs. It isn't based on anything in print. Just a meme that passes from one brain to other brains.


  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    your comments are all true the wt is full of $hit. now tell it to all your jw friends and family what you have learned . and watch them stan d there like statues. i can honestly say i've never met people as stupid as an active jw's maybe moonies. but j dubs are as dumb as they come. john

  • V

    I also have heard similiar comments.

    My area is actually quite religious, and the opinion among JWs here is that they will cause some "persecution" for least an angry backlash from the religious pro-war hawks they met.

  • Gill

    Welcome Redpill!!

    I think this is a wind up by the WTBTS. It is courting persecution, after all, they don't have any persecution much going on except for eastern europe in a limited way at the moment.

    When the world is trying desperately to court religious tolerance, the WTBTS goes in with a big boot to condemn every religion except itself!!

    Any witnesses hurt because of this crap have the WTBTS to blame.

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