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  • Gill

    Yes, it's official! In the New System Jehovah's Witnesses will still have to attend the terrible meetings for all eternity!!!!!!

    The Watchtower, November 1st, page 31, para 16:

    'Isaiah 66:23 will fully apply to life in Jehovah's promised new world. At that time, 'all flesh will,' in a literal sense, week by week and month by month, 'come into bow down before,' or worship, Jehovah throughout eternity. Since meeting together to worship Jehovah will be a permanent feature of our spiritual lives in the new system of things, should we not make regular attendance at our sacred gatherings a permanent feature of our lives now?'

    para 17:

    'As the end draw near, we should be more determined than ever to attend our Christian gatherings for worship... Out of respect for the sacred nature of our meetings, we do not allow secular work, school homework, or evening schooling to cause us to miss out on meeting regularly with our fellow believer. We need the strenth that comes through association.'

    When a JW I had alway fantasised that in living forever there would be NO NEED for all those nightmare meetings. It seem the bOrg has different ideas.

    Gill - So glad the birds will have eaten her by then!!!

  • bubble

    Jw's will still have to be warned about bad associations with dodgy resurrected people. Meetings will be essential because everyone will be so wrapped up in their idyllic lives they will forget to worship Jehovah. Perish the thought!

  • slimboyfat

    Not only that, but you can enjoy reading the delightful Watchtower magazines for all eternity! See the man at the window in the picture in this thread:


  • zagor

    IF they were following early Christian church example, then meetings would take place ONLY on Sabbath. Which is exactly, what "Babylon the Great" has been doing for centuries.
    But of course, they'll have to have theocratic ministry school, they'll need to preach resurrected ones, 'cause resurrection would not be miracle enough for them to start thinking about what is happening with the world...

    Book study will be there , … oh well because we just need more meetings and we “love our brothers” (especially when they are sitting so close to you that you could tell what they ate a week ago)

  • Gilberto

    Following on Bubble thought, does it mean the ministry will still be done to convert those resurrected ones.. HAHA no saturday mornings off even then

    Just imagine a thousand years of meetings and ministry before you will finally be free Oh, but after the 1000 years do you think they will have a meeting on a Saturday morning to make up for it.

    I just don't know how they will have time for all the gardening.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Reading that makes me glad that the meetings are in my past, and not my future.

    Not that I believe there's going to be a new system anyway, but this wt will be a bodyblow for some who do.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Let's see here, 3 meetings a week, rebuilding the earth, growing their own food etc...

    They are going to be some busy people.

  • Gill

    Busy, busy, busy.........'life without end at last......not!'

    What a nightmare existence.....same as being a JW today!

  • Jim_TX

    It's an ironic situation, really...

    I seem to remember many JW's telling of how 'in the new system, we will have the time to learn {fill in the blank}, as we won't have the distractions of this old system'. (or similar wordings)

    So - basically... according to what they are saying... it'll be 'business as usual'. Their utopian world will require them to 'work' for their food - then come home, change - and go to yet another 'meeting'.

    *shaking head*

    They've created their own personal 'hell on earth'. I would wager that many 'resurrected' would purposely do something that gets them 'blasted' into oblivion - just to get away from such living conditions.


    Jim TX

  • Finally-Free
    I would wager that many 'resurrected' would purposely do something that gets them 'blasted' into oblivion - just to get away from such living conditions.

    I was a believing JW when I decided, many years ago, that I would shoot myself if I were unlucky enough to survive armageddon. There is no way in hell I was going to live forever in a "paradise" filled with such assholes.


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