Has anyone appealed a D/f, and what was the outcome?

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  • dido

    I appealed against my d/f because i wanted to expose the elder that d/f me, the chairman. I thought it was so hypocritical as he had been calling at my house alone (yes alone) making sexual innuendos, I never invited him in, but couldn`t believe the things he said to me. Then when i was summoned to the j/c, him, his step father, and his side kick little elder friend were siiting in judgement of me. I was tricked into going as they assured me that i would not be d/f, but because i didn`t say the right thing, they decided to d/f me. They have done me the biggest favour, as i am so much better off now, and enjoying life more. I decided to appeal as it was so hypocritical of him to sit in judgement of me, so 3 elders were sent from bethel. After telling them about this pervy elder, they said i needed 2 witnesses to prove he came to my house. He lied saying he brought his little daughter with him. I felt a bit better that i was able to let them know at bethel, as i wrote a long letter to them as well with all the details. Needless to say i remained d/f as i hadn`t changed the error of my wicked ways, yawn.

  • tall penguin
    tall penguin

    I appealed when I was df'd 7 years ago. The appeal committee took place within days of the original committee and the appeal chairman said, "It's obvious you're repentent but we've decided to uphold the decision to df anyway." No further explanation was given. I'm sure they just wanted to make an example of me. It's a boys club and they all stick together.

    I've only ever heard of one person successfully appealing a df decision. That's "kwintestal" on this board. You can look up his posts to see how that came about.

    tall penguin

  • AlmostAtheist

    I appealed my DF'ing, but it was only to delay the announcement by a few weeks so I could say good-bye to my in-law's. As I also failed to see the error of my ways (double-yawn), my df'ing was also upheld.

    I DID have the privilege of being one of the first to be df'd under the new announcement. "[name] is no longer one of Jehovah's Witnesses."

    Damn right he's not!!! ;-)

    Congrats on your expulsion!


  • Woofer

    My grandmother appealed her d/f and won. She was so bitter that she stayed away for over 30 years. She eventually started attending meetings again and going out in field service. She died a dub in good standing.

  • Warlock


    I know a sister who was 'targeted' by an elder, and the same thing happened. He just denied everything, and that was pretty much the end of it. If she would have had 10 witnesses to support her claim, he probably would have gotten away with it anyway. It didn't have to do with 'sexual innuendo', but the point is, all they have to do is deny what they did or said.


  • restrangled

    Yes, I was 16 at the time and the elders had me hung before there was any meeting. 1 or 2 would show up at our home and read scriptures about how evil I was.

    Eventually there were 3 that came and did the same. I ran from the room in my own house. It was announced the very same week.

    My mother wrote a 10 page letter to New York, It took 3 months to get a response and they assigned 5 men from another hall.

    I sat in front of those fellows alone, and physically and mentally fell apart.....I was still 16. The questions asked were abhorhent and I was accused of things that never happened.

    I don't remember the ending except that it was REVERSED. ....a land mark case in the mid 70's.

    Since no one had ever heard a Dfing being reversed people were not sure what had been announced. The same night it was announced right before mine that someone had been reinstated.

    A reversal means it never happened and all was to be removed from my record. The problem is, I never lived it down. My case was brought up at circuit assemblys as to how NOT to disfellowship.

    Too little, too late.


  • dido

    tall penquin- thanks for the link.

    AlmostAtheist, congrats to you too! Treble yawns for all the idiotic crap they dish out!

    Warlock, it`s `don`t do as i do` syndrome, isn`t it?

  • jaguarbass

    Lies are what make this world go round. They even lie to the fishes..

  • serendipity

    I appealed. It was a waste of time.

  • jwfacts

    At my appeal the lead elder of the appeal stated at the end that they were going to d/f me anyway. He did not even ask the other two elders what they thought, nor did he pray before making the decision. I am certain they had come to that decision prior to meeting with me.

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