Chicken, the Egg?, Creationist, the Evolutionist?

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  • Undecided

    The human mind cannot compehend something without a beginning. Try it yourself, think of anything not having a beginning, even a God. So we can't understand the universe or God, although we can at least see some of the universe since we are part of it. But we can't see or talk with God which makes it very hard to believe he really exist.

    You can develope a faith in something called God and think he wrote us a book and appointed men to represent him but if you carefully examine this philosophy it breaks down to just an idea created by some men. This book he supposedly wrote tells of talking serpants, donkeys, demons who can get into humans and pigs, how he made all the languages at one time when they were building a tower, a worldwide rain that covered all mountains, making a woman turn to salt, a man who walks on water, a man who was eaten by a fish and three days later came out alive and well. Now for 2000 years he hasn't done a thing, but anytime now, soon, very soon he will destroy the earth, of course earth doesn't mean earth, it means evil people.

    Ken P.

  • CyrusThePersian

    Hi Leolaia!

    Yes I do know that space-time as we know it had its beginning at the Big Bang. I was merely couching my thoughts in terms that most people (including me) will understand. The fact is no one, not even Dr. Hawking, will ever know what, if anything, happened "before" or in the first microseconds after the Big Bang. Was there a previous Big Crunch of some other universe (with its own space-time)? Was there nothing? We do know that the universe, of which space-time is an integral part, began at the Big Bang and we also know that mass-energy can neither be created or destroyed. All we have to do is reconcile the two...


  • restrangled


    I just now saw this thread with your question to me.

    I do see the paradox you refer to. For me personally I guess it would be considered a leap of faith. Maybe this is simplistic thinking but I believe God who ever he is, was always here in other words infinite. Just like mathmatics you can go negative or positive but there is never an end in either direction. I suppose you will find this amusing.


  • skeptic2

    Blind faith is always amusing, when it is not worrying - "If we didn't laugh, we'd cry".

  • jaguarbass

    who created GOD? you have to answer this in order to assume creationism is correct? It is a paradox is it not?

    I dont know what to believe creationsism has its problems as you pointed out. And evolution has problems as well in my mind.

    As of Monday Sept 25, 2006 there are no answers that I can see to these big questions. There are a lot of hypothesis.

  • skeptic2

    Evolution is not a hypothesis, it is a scientific theory, which is defined as a 'well-tested explanation of all known evidence'.

    And evolution has problems as well in my mind.

    What are they? I'm sure members of this forum can explain or point you in the right direction of information that will clarify these issues for you.

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