Would the world be a better place if everyone was JW?

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  • Kaput

    It would be like Curse of the Zombies on a world wide scale

    Yeah, like having Michael Jackson's "Thriller" zombies going door-to-door.

  • kerj2leev

    OFG....LOL...I should of seen that one coming!!

    Maybe the question should be.." Would the world be a better place if all were stoners!"

  • OpenFireGlass
    OFG....LOL...I should of seen that one coming!!

    Yeah... Warning to the board: I'm on one today... LOL...

  • peacefulpete

    If I were to argue that IF all the world was Catholic would the world be a better place? In some ways, yes. Wars are the result of differences. If everyone genuinely believed the same thing wars would cease. It wouldn't matter what it was they collectively believed, its the lack of diversity that produced the result. The ugly side of this propasal is that lack of diversity would stagnate the arts, the sciences and end the joy of exchange of ideas. And of course as others have said, the reality is that this type of conformity is impossible for humans without brutal culling of people from the system.

  • juni

    You're kidding, right? Look at what's happening in the congregations? Consider the stories on this Forum. It would not be a Paradise.

    They feed you pie in the sky (preferably banana cream pie). Warm and fuzzy feelings...... ugh! Leave me out of the picture.


  • mrsjones5

    No, brought to my mind the movie and book "1984"

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    I've often asked JWs this 2 part question and have yet to get an answer. If someone sins on paradise, what would happen to that person? The answer is they would be annihilated. OK Didn't you just tell me, there would be no more death on paradise earth?

    Living in fear of death does not sound any better than what we have now!

    I tell them I'm waiting to find out when the JW paradise becomes paradise.

  • JWdaughter

    If all the world was ANYTHING it would be a problem unless we are made perfect in our thing. How many JWs really do everything PERFECTLY as the WT decrees? How many Catholics? How many Baptists? How many LDS? I would bet that less than 1/2 the people calling themselves by any designation follow it well enough to be fully acceptable.

    I would not want to be in a world where everybody thought ONE thing (officially) but (truly)believed however they did. . .in some cases at risk of life, limb, family. Probably, if any RELIGION got the power, it WOULD be risking all of those things.

    Shelly of the not liking religion much class.

  • Zico

    The religion couldn't really work except as a minority. How would religion be banned just before 'The End' if JW was the only religion?

    But, if it did happen, as others have said, it would be a massive dictatorship with zero tolerance for any doubters, and no free speech allowed at all. It would be a horrible world to live in.

  • Honesty

    To answer your question, just take a look around at all the "Happy" people in the congregation.

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