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  • bebu

    Do you mean "religious" as believing in a particular religion or having religious views? That covers a great many people. I would say I am religious, if that is what you mean.

    Personally, I don't see religion as a hobby or an interest. I like what greendawn said, that his religiosity comes from a fascination with the spiritual nature of man. I also liked the comment Ichooselife wrote, "Why should beautiful souls have to be obliterated?" There is also my unshakeable belief that justice is real--that there is something True out there.

    That is what makes me search out an answer in religion, to satisfy this insistent deeper belief.

    All religious behavior is not mercenary; I am sure God knows that. The idea of reward for good/punishment for evil is bare-boned justice--appropriate reward. No wonder it is found in many religions, whether administered by God, gods, karma, etc.

    In the beatitudes, Jesus said mercy would be given to the merciful, that those who thirst for righteousness would be filled, the pure in heart would see God, etc. These are the rewards of God, not petting lions or moving into someone else's fancy home after Armageddon. I am certain that Jesus statements are universal, because an appropriate reward for anyone who really loves mercy would be mercy.

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    2 shillings, LOL Its usally only two cents has it gone up????

  • bebu

    mouthy, I guess I meant 2 pence!! I don't know English money units very well.

    (Or maybe I thought I was writing something important? )


  • mouthy

    bebu>>>>>>> Or maybe I thought I was writing something important? )You were !!!!ANYthing you write is important ((((HUGS))

  • tan
    I'm not afraid of death... it's the only gaurantee in life... No I'm not being negative, I'm just keepin' it real with myself.... I love Life, and I can do that without hoping for a "REWARD"...

    PEACE, Mike

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Clap

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  • JamesThomas


    In the first instance [religion] it's merely a hand pointing people to the Divine, without and within,

    This may be the fundamental factor as to why many at first gravitate towards religion; as if there is an innate desire to rediscover what has been forgotten. Then is added dogmas and conceptual interpretations of deities and demons, punishments and rewards, heavens and hells, reincarnations and a personal existence beyond this one. The quest is no longer about what is already whole and divine, but rather how to fix what seems broken.

    May I suggest that all of our religious and philosophical discussion is merely a shadow puppet show enacted by the hand in which we have become mesmerized and so forgotten that the hand is only pointing.

    What is truly real, pure and divine?

    Right here, right now, just beneath all beliefs of universe, self, and religion, what rests pure and silent at, and as, the core of our being? Perhaps if the foundational actuality is clearly seen, there will be no more need to imagine what or where I will be tomorrow.


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo
    If we believe in God let us do it out of love and not fear.

    This, for me, is the difference between FAITH and RELIGION. The difference is a relationship. When we have faith, we love and respect God for who he is and what he has done for us, and because of that, we want to serve him - out of love. It's a two way thing. Religion is following a set of rules and regulations, a religious book, or whatever, for its own sake. It is rigid and lifeless. In this respect, yes religion is an attempt at 'getting out of death'. How often do we see parents (in the UK at least) getting their babies baptised 'just in case'?

    I'm not religious, like mouthy, I have a living relationship with my God. He holds me whatever side of eternity I happen to find myself on and however crappy life might get, so I'm not afraid of death - the thought of the process of dying might scare me at times, but not what comes after.

    I dunno, maybe thats what Jesus meant when he said those who believe in him have already passed from death to life...

  • aniron

    Does this mean aetheists aren't afraid of death?

    Or do they go round thinking "What if....?

  • mouthy

    Sad emo...I wish I had said it like you.That the way I believe((((hugs ))) for saying what I mean

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