Why are the world's anointed not called to Brooklyn to be Governing Body?

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  • free2beme

    When I was in the Witnesses, and near the end of my time in. There was the whole new understanding, of putting non-anointed people in positions in the organization that were normally something an anointed person would be in. I remember them mentioning that the amount of anointed was dwindling and there needed to be people in these positions of responsibility, to make sure the work continues.

    After this was highlighted and all good Witnesses swallowed this thinking hook line and sinker. I asked an elder once, "Why would they do this, when the yearly count of anointed clearly shows that there are plenty still out there. Wouldn't it make sense to appoint these ones to responsible positions, especially since Jehovah has already done so?" I mean, it would have just made sense to me, that if these ones were truly accepted as anointed, then it would make sense by their own history that these ones would have been chosen first over any other non-anointed person. You would think the Governing Body would have their names, addresses and phone numbers and would be sending a plane ticket to them, stating their need. Apparently though, they don't.

    The elder told me, that the anointed were older and tired people and the ones being appointed needed to be young and able to handle a large workload. Then I looked around our own congregation and territory, and pointed out two anointed people that were in their 40's and asked why these people would be considered too old. The elder ended up telling me, that this was all just part of Jehovah's plan and it would make more sense, when it was completely revealed in time.

    Well, almost ten years have passed. Nothing revealed yet. Other then the fact, that the Witnesses are so closed minded to anything other then the physical world, and scared of the spiritual one. That even the one belief they have, that some what slants to a spirit world connection, does not hold true in their organization and even in the individual hearts of the members. If they truly believed what they preached about the anointed, they would have done exactly what I had said in the first place. As it makes sense, it is in line with what they claim to teach and if the anointed were already appointed, it would be in line with their own belief in God.

    Yet they did not, and it is just another item on this list, showing that the Witnesses are just full of crap!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    The GB is a closed group. It has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with being anointed. Being a yes man, a company man (notice the emphasis on man) is far more important than being anointed.

    Being anointed has no more privilege than the average JW unless of course you have kisses enough butts to be noticed as a company man

  • restrangled

    There are little to no real anointed left. It's all over.

    Rules, regulations, beliefs, changes, bad Cos/Dos or elders mistakes and we can go on an on here, are all due to human imperfection that god will straightened out in the end.

    In otherwords, shut the hell up if you know something you shouldn't unless its a low one about to infiltrate the congregation or ruin an uppity ups rep.



    The "Anointed" don`t know anything about bu$ine$$..Got to keep the money comeing in!..God needs more real estate..God needs a bigger stock port follio..God needs to sell magazines..God needs the WBT$..Without the WBT$ God wouldn`t have a job...LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • parlay

    If I was of the annointed I woudld want to know why the GB doesn't consult with me

    when making decisions, especially since they claim to represent the annointed earthwide.

    How can you represent me when you don't even acknowledge me?


    Good post parlay..Unfortunatly nothing you said,had anything to do with making money!..LOL!!..Still a good post though...OUTLAW

  • Gordy

    I suppose its questions thats been asked many times about the "anointed".

    Why aren't they all at Bethel? Why aren't they all consulted about doctrine etc?

    If Jehovah has chosen to "anoint" women, why don't they have a bigger role to play? After all they will be ruling in heaven.

    Instead its all left to 12 old men to tell 6 million what to believe and how to live.

  • OnTheWayOut

    The thrust of my resignation as an elder was that I don't "know" the GB. I asked if they consult the FDS class before doctrinal changes, or if they even keep track of who the FDS are. (I knew the answers, but not from JW literature- they don't bother keeping up with them)

    IMO, they only allow women to be anointed because the Bible said that men and women were filled with holy spirit in the first century. Otherwise, they would close that loophole.

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    What I have learned in the course of my unbrainwashing is that....there are no annointed. This is just a made up thing, to be able to govern the flock. If you do research on the first president of the WTS Rutherford a supposed annointed and drunkard Rutherford another supposed annointed you realize that this is all bunk, these guys did things that were very questionable to say the least. I believe that some people convince themselves that they are annointed (whatever that really means), maybe they go into some kind of trance where they feel weird stuff, but more than likely they have mental issues, I have known a few where this was definitely the case.

    The fact that the GB doesn't give a damn what any of them has to say all the while teaching that these people are the ones handling the spiritual food given to the R & F, is a clear sign that they themselves know this is BS, I mean come on, what are the chances that Freddie Franz was of the annointed and somehow his nephew Ray (whom I do admire) eventually happens to be annointed too.

    At one point of my awakening after I was convinced that the WTS was wrong, I believed that the evil slave was leading them and that Jehovah would clear it up, back when I would post on ewatchman this is what he believes, I began researching different translations of the bible and bought an NIV bible, wow, I was blown away at what a difference a good translation makes, at one point I started seeing how the WTS has undermined Jesus's role in the religion, how everything is only about Jehovah, my appreciation for Jesus and his sacrifice grew so much, that out of the blue I said "Jesus I accept you into my heart" what happened next really was amazing, I felt overcome with love, I had goosebumps and just felt an incredible feeling" I was confused to say the least, I started believing that we all go to heaven, just from reading the bible because this is what is appears to say, in Romans.

    Well, if an active JW would have had a similar experience I can see how they would believe they were annointed. I don't want to hijack this thread, but feel I need to explain what happened next... I later realized that I made that happen myself, I believed in something so strongly that those feelings just welled up in me. When I kept moving on in my journey I studied the bible with the Hebrew lexicon, and a bible computer program that shows the original hebrew words and their english translation, I was amazed at what a farce it all was, I found many error, contradictions and utter nonsense, and I thought how could this be the word of God? To make a long story short, I no longer believe that the bible is the inerrant word of god, it's just a mix of myths, stories, wisdom literature and some history, today you can clearly see where the Hebrews got some of these stories and such from sometimes almost word for word, it's amazing really that so many people have believed this stuff. Anyway, I'lle stop here, that stuff is for another post. Soooo.......basically I believe the worlds "annointed" are not called to Brooklyn to be GB members, because the GB know they made the stuff up and don't want anyone taking the control from them.


  • Honesty


    Can't have some 95 year-old pioneer sister telling the Boyz in Brooklyn what Jehovah's thoughts are on blood, bedroom gymnastics, voting, military service, parties, wedding ceremony etiquette, dress, employment, education, field service arrangements, yadda yadda yadda.

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