Why are the world's anointed not called to Brooklyn to be Governing Body?

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    I doesn't look like Mr E was prepared to wait around for your answer CC.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    In my day, they were called the Remnant. My ggf was one. He became active when Russell ran the group. My gm thought it completely outlandish that she could be a member b/c of her age. When I left in the 1970s, the Remnant were very old. It was pointed out how great this was b/c Armageddon would come when the last one died. I wished them good, robust health.

    My ggf died a very long time ago. Next, I heard that the Remnant in heaven could fall away and there were now new openings. This remnant business constantly changes. It does not matter for the JW masses. Few are in the org for the long haul

    Believe me, I can recall these conversations within my family. The very idea of anyone from my gm's generation ruling in heaven would get you disfellowsihpped. As the Memorial emblems were passed around, everyone feared that a newcomer might munch on them. The horror of it. Altho, I later discovered Roman Catholics and Anglican discuss whether a church mouse that grabs the Eucharist eats Christ's body.

    My mom always reassured me about Armageddon b/c she lived through two separate dates before the 1975 one. I wish I could reassure present Witnesses that the anointed will change. It is inevitable. One of the reasons why Paul wrote letters and John of Patmos wrote Revelation was to assure the early Christians who could not believe one of their own would die.

    Doesn't the new light concerning the anointed make all the anointed not on the GB not anointed.

    It is possible to sustain that tension for perhaps 20 years. Once you reach 100, one must rethink.

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    Band, all of the anointed are still anointed, but the vast majority are not FDS anymore.

  • Bobcat

    Band, all of the anointed are still anointed, but the vast majority are not FDS anymore.

    I would add:

    Band, what the WT says about "the anointed" and what the Bible says about it are two different things.

    And what the WT says about "the FDS" and what the Bible says in parable form about "the FDS" are also two different things.

    In fact, the NT never uses the phrase "the anointed." Which is odd considering how often it comes up in WT literature. In 2Cor 1:21 it is a verb; 'God has anointed us.' In 1Jn 2:20, "You have an anointing." In 1Jn 2:27, it says "you have an anointing" and "the anointing you received." These are the only four places in the entire NT that refer to "anointing" in connection with Christians.

    Always the assumption in these verses is that ALL those being written to have it. The three occurrances in 1 John all speak of it in reference to learning and having knowledge. And the context in 2 Corinthians (vv. 15-22) is in connection with being instructed in the promises of God. Never is the "anointing" of Christians and 'ruling' or 'exercising authority' over other Christians spoken of together.

    So the question of why don't the GB ask "the anointed" to come to Brooklyn to help is, first of all, moot. But it is also like asking, Why didn't the Pharisees invite Jesus and his disciples to help out on the Sanhedrin? Luke 18:9-11 helps understand why.

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    Bobcat, good point. I checked the WT-CD and nowhere does it refer to a group as "the anointed." Feel like I did when I realized the phrase "governing body" is not in the bible.

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    Sorry, Mr. E, for the delay:

    Damn! That's funny.

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    Sorry, Mr. E, for the delay:

    Damn! That's funny.

    damn! staight that is priceless FUNNY

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