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  • restrangled

    No, I never did believe in evolution. I am a firm believer in God creating everything.

    I base my belief on the beauty of the things I grow. They are so detailed and so beautiful and I am able to reproduce exactly what I bought with the seeds.

    I raise orchids, herbs, veggies, among other things.

    If you want to believe you came originally from an ugly monkey, perhaps you did. I am a firm believer that mankind was a distinct creation unto themselves.

    I think the earth and previous species are probably a lot older than the WBTS teaches, ie fossils, etc.

    But I will never buy into the belief that human beings came from a semi animal, sub species, half walking, ugly ape or as posted a 3.3 million years old ugly baby monkey.

    Again, if you would like to call this aberration your long lost relative, more power to ya.


  • skeptic2
    No not at all. I believe in creation. NOT creationism with all those restictive time frames trying to make the Bible account work. I cannot accept that such a varied and incomprehensible universe exists by chance.

    So you would accept that an unvaried and comprehensible universe could exist by chance? Why the difference?

    Nor can anyone show us how matter can arise from nothing, I mean what started it all?

    That argument doesnt stand up too much... errrr... who designed the designer? Who started God? Don't you see that that argument applies equally to your own views?

  • skeptic2
    If you want to believe you came originally from an ugly monkey, perhaps you did. I am a firm believer that mankind was a distinct creation unto themselves.

    I read this, and I imagine a guy bent over, with head and arms buried in the grounds, fingers in ears, chanting 'Im special because my God told me so, Im special because my God told me so'. Lol.

    ugly... sub-species... ugly (again)... ugly (third time)... do you have an inferiority complex when it comes to monkeys?

    In what year was mankind created?

  • hamsterbait


    I found it hard to believe that the All knowing creator needed to fumble about, as if he did not know what he wanted the earth to be like for man.

    All these mistakes and dead-ends.

    The Dub explanations were increasingly difficult to accept as I came to understand how the various forms of dating work (which they claim are innaccurate)

    At the same time reconciling this with the christian message was very difficult. It is couched in a language understandable to the people who thought in terms of angry gods, vengeance and sacrifices and slavery. This is why JWs teach such a bloodthirsty creed - their leaders are ignorant crypto-fascist- neo -zionists.

    All other churches have become kinder and merciful with time. Not them!

    Jesus only said "He that believeth in me hath everlasting life" nothing more. By those words he enabled all of us to rise above our origins (whatever you believe them to be) and become hopeful, positive human beings.

    For all its faults, Western Christian Civilization has given a core of values to the world that can end the bloodshed and waste of millennia. The depth of what Christ really meant is unfortunately lost on most politicians, who quote his words as mere "happy-speak" at election time.


  • skeptic2
    No, I never did believe in evolution. I am a firm believer in God creating everything.

    Why do you believe that evolution and God creating everything are mutually exclusive?

  • Carmel

    ....that spear head was put there by Satan to just fool the fools....


  • DanTheMan

    When I was a JW, I didn't think about the things I didn't think about. Simple as that.

  • jaguarbass

    I really dont know what to believe. The bible does not appear to be credible and evolving from a salamander doesnt make sense. Reality is probly neither of those two options.

  • skeptic2
    evolving from a salamander doesnt make sense

    Whether you mean evolution in general, or human evolution specifically, what part doesn't make sense to you?

    You say the reality is probably neither. Wouldn't you expect the reality to agree with itself at least, i.e. with the abundance of evidence we see around us?

  • restrangled

    ackkkk. There is no winning regarding this subject between each other.

    I remember my father running the statistics for any humans evolving from any thing mentioned. It was so obscure and miniscule it was an impossibility.

    Supporting a creator is not supporting the witnesses. All of us are intelligent beings with logic, feelings, among other attributes not given to any animals.

    Plant life is extremely complex. It is studied extensively.

    It is beautiful in it's complexity and ability to come to life out of dirt. Some plants produce such beauty they are tried to be replicated in art.

    I could go on, but will not. Those who follow this reasoning will understand, those who do not will object.


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