Is the Higher/ Further Education still enemy number one?

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  • Jerohobobonadad

    I went to university without any problems in the cong. Two others in my hall went and no one made a public complaint. I was interviewed age 15 on the platform by my dad (elder) about whether I would pioneer when I left school or not. I said it was an option but I would rather study more then pioneer later. No one made an issue of this. This was late 90's. I have read a lot about people regretting not having gone to college etc on this board, but wonder whether things are different now as regards studying past 16/18?

    Any comments?

  • Calico Ethel
    Calico Ethel

    I don't know about other cong. but in the one I grew up in, I never heard anyone say that they would want to further there education on the stage. I think that was taboo to say that. they may have thought/felt that, but to say it in front of others, it wasn't done! I want to go back to school now, but if I were still going to the hall, they would discourage me for doing that for sure. I know I got a lot of grief from my sister (pioneer) who REALLY hated that idea....I was supposed to pioneer like her.

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    Several years ago a brother was interviewing some young boys in the congregation (average age about 10). Apparently it was not well rehearsed because when he asked one of the boys what he planned to do when he got out of school, he said he would like to become a lawyer. The brother was a bit embarrassed. Can't remember how he handled it, but he got the interview turned around somehow.

  • becca1

    As someone in the "truth" all her life (47 years) all I can tell you is that this is one of those issues where the light flickers. When I was growing up in the 60's college was taboo. In the late 70's, when I attended ,there was some softening particularly in areas outside the US, because of need. Then in the 80's things tightended up again. In the 90's there were some very balanced articles regarding education and in congs. where elders had half a brain people were pretty much free to pursue an education w/o repercussions.

    However, I have noticed that in the last 2 or 3 years the trend is towards "education is evil" again. Did you attend the district convention two summers ago? Do you remember the Timothy drama? It was all about how Timothy and his pal Jonathan were contemplating what to do with their life. Jonathan chose "higher education" in Athens and to marry his fiance and start a family. Timothy, of course, chose to go on the road with the apostle Paul. And even though Jonathan did nothing wrong, you were left with the distinct impression that he was to be looked down upon. To be like Timothy was the only chioce for a true christian.

    I asked several friends if they realized that this was not a real Bible account, but just a story with Timothy and Paul thrown in. They said no!!

    I was upset that in the summary talk after the drama this point was not brought out. I felt it was perhaps an attempt to capitalize on the fact that many in attendance were new ,or so indoctinated to believe everything from the platform, that they would not notice that the drama was nothing more than fiction.

    I also noticed that in this summer's DC the Timothy drama was alluded to several times. Repetition fior emphasis?

    In a nut shell, the pendulum has swung to the right. At least at the present time.

  • Alligator Wisdom
    Alligator Wisdom
    I went to university without any problems in the cong. Two others in my hall went and no one made a public complaint.

    I did the same. There were several others others in my congregation, not including my siblings, who went to colleges or universities after high school. There wasn't any "heat" brought on by the elders nor the congregation. Could it be perhaps each congregation has its own makeup in terms of liberality or conservatism? I think so.

    Time line then = late 80's / early 90's

    Alligator Wisdom (aka Brother NOT Exerting Vigorously by WTS standards)

  • parakeet

    Bonnie_Clyde: ***he said he would like to become a lawyer. The brother was a bit embarrassed.***

    The brother shouldn't have been embarrassed. The WTS needs all the lawyers it can get!

    I'm leaning toward the individual congregation theory. Throughout the '60s and the '70s, the elders in my cong remained strongly anti-higher ed. Perhaps the fact that none of them had a college education had something to do with it.

  • grey matters
    grey matters

    I was in the same congregation the whole time I was growing up in the 70's and early 80's. It was a very conservative congregation. Of course, I didn't know that. It was the only congregation I had attended. Higher education was frowned on, and my father was an elder. There was no way I was going to have any family support if I went, and it would have been viewed as rebellious.

    Then, in November of 1992, there was a WT article entitled "Education with a Purpose"

    It basically said you could go to college now, but only if you were doing so in order to get a good paying part-time job so you could pioneer. This was right about the time that I was realizing that it was a bad idea to allow my life to be remote controlled by a bunch of old men in New York.

    (emphasis mine)


    How much education does a young Christian need in order to respect these Bible principles and meet his Christian obligations? This varies from country to country. By and large, however, it seems that the general trend in many lands is that the level of schooling required to earn decent wages is now higher than it was a few years ago. Reports received from branches of the Watch Tower Society in different parts of the world indicate that in many places it is difficult to find jobs with decent wages after completing simply the minimum schooling required by law or in some countries even after finishing secondary or high school.


    What is meant by "decent wages"? It does not indicate highly paid jobs. Webster?sDictionary defines "decent" in this context as "adequate, satisfactory." What might be termed "adequate," for instance, for those who wish to be pioneer ministers of the good news? Such ones generally need part-time work to avoid putting "an expensive burden" upon their brothers or their family. (1 Thessalonians 2:9) Their wages might be termed "adequate," or "satisfactory," if what they earn allows them to live decently while leaving them sufficient time and strength to accomplish their Christian ministry.


    What is often the situation today? It has been reported that in some countries many well-intentioned youngsters have left school after completing the minimum required schooling in order to become pioneers. They had no trade or secular qualifications. If they were not helped by their parents, they had to find part-time work. Some have had to accept jobs that required them to work very long hours to make ends meet. Becoming physically exhausted, they gave up the pioneer ministry. What can such ones do to support themselves and get back into the pioneer service?




    A balanced view of education can help. For many young people of the world, education is a status symbol, something to help them climb the social ladder, the key to a prosperous, materialistic life-style. For others, schooling is a chore to be dispensed with as quickly as possible. Neither of these views is appropriate for true Christians. What, then, might be termed "a balanced view"? Christians should regard education as a means to an end. In these last days, their purpose is to serve Jehovah as much and as effectively as possible. If, in the country where they live, minimal or even high school education will only allow them to find jobs providing insufficient income to support themselves as pioneers, then supplementary education or training might be considered. This would be with the specific goal of full-time service.
  • OnTheWayOut

    It's possible that our CO came up with this strong feeling on his own, I don't think so. Anyway, his last visit about 6 month ago, he tells the body of elders that it is a big concern in an affluent country like the U.S. "There are so many spiritual success stories of brother who gave up going to college." Then many elders gave their wonderful stories. I never went to college, but became a JW after I never went. I kept my silence because I think it's virtually indispensible for young people now.

    It has returned as a major enemy, but #1 is the internet. (Pornography, free flow of information, lurkers)

  • zagor
    Is the Higher/ Further Education still enemy number one?

    Didn't read a memo that it ever stopped being enemy number uno. Education/enlightenment and religion were never compatible, why do you think did otherwise church for centuries hold a tight grip on any education outside of "bible based"?

    So, WTBS isn't any better, it is much easier to control people who can't think for themselves. My last straw while still going to the meetings was one day when CO came to visit and whatever half-smart thing he spat out all those first-row-church-door-licking-women (pardon me hall-licking) would sight in excitement like they were hearing god himself speak. (Praise the Lord kind of thing). My reaction was "what a F$ am I doing here"

    Religions are deliberately keeping people in dark, so any small light of logic they see suddenly becomes a major excitement, while people on the outside are basking in sunlight. Likewise, WTBS takes everything from you, freedom and ability to construct logical thought and then when transformation of moronization is complete they spoon-feed you in ?a proper time? to keep you like a puppy at the table. By then you forgot that all that and other knowledge was available to you at will, without mediators. I remember once going in a field service with one of those ladies, upon hearing that I was going to college she said ?you know I used to be, a person with wide outlook on life, I would read anything I could lay my hands on before coming to the truth? I couldn?t help but ask ?so what happened?? ? ?Well I came to the truth?

  • stillajwexelder

    No - internet is the number one Deomn not higher education

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