Anyone Diabetic To Answer A Question?

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  • JWdaughter

    I have some experience with type 2 and gestational diabetes. I want to offer some encouragement. I lost a great deal of weight and my doctors tell me there is no sign any more in my blood that I have it or indeed ever have had it. The weight loss 'cured' me-or at least it has put me in a very long term remission. My first two pregnancies were SO high risk, gest. diabetes, pre-eclampsia, I spent months doing the testing religiously while I was pregnant with my 2nd. My third child was born 10 years later, my mid 30's(more high risk generally) and I had NO risk factors happen-we kept a very close look-it is rare not to get it the 2nd time after one with diabetes(actually had it with the first but the docs missed it till baby was nearly 11#!!!) I had my first easy pregnancy (had anemia and nearly, but never fainted a few times)and it was my 3d c section, I was 'old' and had had two very difficult pregs. Losing over 100 lbs changed everything (actually had had 2ndary infertility till I had lost the weight-could never get preg before after the type 2 kicked in a few months after 2nd daughter was born)

    Do whatever it takes to lose the weight, your life will improve dramatically in any case! And contact your local diabetes association and beg for some proper training. They will find you someone, I think. The training is really important, and follow up by a caregiver keeping attention to your blood sugars is very important.

    Take care of yourself-you are the best gift God will give you-and precious! God bless.


  • Sunspot


    Thank you for your post! I never saw it until just now....when I was just about to address the very same subject!

    I did go to the Dr the day before yesterday (the 12th) and he once again said no more pasta, potatoes, rice or see if my readings will stay below the 160 point. I thought that under the 200 mark was doing okay....but he says no. So, back to the drawing board!

    I had lost some of the weight last summer when I was unconscious and post-op----it seems to be THE only way that I can lose weight, haha! But I came home and ate a lot of soups during the hot weather.....but THEN my fingers and feet began to swell THAT was out as a dietary option. I WAS continuing to lose weight though, until I was forced to stop!

    The problem with this diabetes thang, He said I have to eat at least three meals per day.....and I knew I was sunk. If I eat much of anything BUT plain low-calories veggies with nothing ON them.....granted....I'll lose the weight.... but I have chronic IBS, have dealt with it I would have NO social life at all.....having to be right BY the bathroom 24/7...there seems to be no way OUT of this circle of madness!

    Doc is baffled on what to do and wants me to see a dietary specialist/nutritionist when I get back from PA next weekend. Whatever is GOOD for bad for's a stupid situation to BE in.....but, there it is.

    I also checked out the problem with my readings being 100 points difference at one sitting......he said that maybe I still have soap on my fingers after washing them to take a reading.....color me embarrassed---I just run my hands under the water and don't use soap OR the alcohol wipe that he thought I may have used.... I wash my hands before I eat and haven't been washing then for the "after" sticking.....when this WAS the time I had the difficulty with the readings. (Sorry for all the clinical descriptions here...between the blood and the IBS....)

    Anyway.....I guess this accounts for the problem.....time will tell.

    It ain't EASY bein' green........



  • juni

    Hi Annie,

    Sorry to hear you're still battling this. Yeah. The weight don't want to come off as you get older. I can appreciate the IBS as my 31 yr. old daughter has it. Absolutely no lettuce. She can tolerate carrots. She has to drink a cocktail of meds in the am to keep it settled down and even then can have bouts. It's awful! She always makes sure she knows where the bathrooms are when she goes out.

    I'm thinking of you sweetie!

    Hugs with love,


  • Sunspot

    Sorry to hear you're still battling this. Yeah. The weight don't want to come off as you get older.

    Thanks, Juni!'s been quite a mess to deal with....but far less, FAR less serious than some here on JWD are facing....

    I can appreciate the IBS as my 31 yr. old daughter has it. Absolutely no lettuce. She can tolerate carrots. She has to drink a cocktail of meds in the am to keep it settled down and even then can have bouts. It's awful! She always makes sure she knows where the bathrooms are when she goes out.

    I tried that "cocktail" and I ended up having a reaction to IT as should have seen me mixing up that concoction three times a day in the bathrooms at the Civic center at assemblies, balancing the stuff on the edge of the did I ever manage to get through those days while toting little kids along too? Goodness knows! you said...STILL being "surprised" with bouts even though you drank that stuff!

    The surgeon had told me that getting my destroyed thyroid out last summer...would most likely put an end to this problem I have lived with since my didn't. Nothing has changed. I don't feel any better now than I did before that operation..... (waaaaahhhh)

    Thanks for your post...

    Give your daughter a hug for ME....



  • mouthy

    I too have type 2 although Dr is threatning me to go on needles. I only take my blood when I am feeling ill ( it is 3 then) when I feel good it is 10 -16... You guys in the USA must have differant readings????

  • juni

    Thanks Annie. She's had her gall bladder out and it didn't change the IBS problem which I don't think it was related anyway. Gall bladder was just bad.

    I can only imagine you and the kids at the assembly with that problem!!

    What we didn't go through to be at all of those meetings and assemblies!!

    Take care of yourself.



  • Sunspot

    BTTT for Lyin Eyes.....

  • proplog2

    What kind of lancets are you using? The higher the number the thinner the lancet and the less painful. Try to use a 30 gauge lancet. The 26 are too big and painful. I went straight to insulin injections. They are painless and give me complete control over blood sugar. Started out with 2 shots of 10 units each. After 3 weeks I was down to two shots of 3 units each. Walk two miles per day. Don't eat any sugar or bread. No potatoes. The diet recommended for diabetics will keep you diabetic. Also take the following supplements: cinnamon, cloves, bitter melon, GTF Chromium. You can buy some of this at Walmart. Cloves and bitter melon capsules you will have to go to health food store.

  • LyinEyes

    Thanks Sunspot for the BTTT. I have been tracking my blood sugar for months with my monitor , the doctor did the blood work the first time and said I was so close to being diabetic tha t I should go on meds. A few months later a second blood work test confirmed that I do have diabetes type 2. My Dad had it at 35, and 8 out of 10 of his brothers and sisters also have developed it before they were 45. I have read so many books on this subject and have learned alot. I have learned by taking my blood sugar what I can eat and not eat. I just can not eat a healthy bowl of whole grain sugar goes to almost 300 and stays there for 3 hours. Oatmeal the same way. And I love potatoes, the irish side of me , I love bread and cereal too. I have a book , by Dr. Atkins for diabetics and it explains alot. So that is my plan,,,,,,,which is soooo hard because I am a carb addict, on eating low carb. I am learning to eat the good carbs and stay away from the evil white sugar. This is harder than it sounds, but I know my life and limbs , depend on it. I have to eat to live, not live to eat . Maybe I will lose some weight with this, giving up my precious bread and potatoes, better show some good results or I will freak! LOL

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