Anyone Diabetic To Answer A Question?

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  • exwitless

    Sunspot-You deserve better counseling from your doctor who is treating you for diabetes. He/she should help you find diabetic counseling for free or at minimal cost. Try calling your local community health center or hospital. Also, if you have insurance, they will usually pay for a few sessions with a dietician. This step is critical for a new diabetic.

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Sunspot,

    P.M. Rockhound, it's my Dad. He is diabetic and maybe able to help you.


    Lady Liberty

  • misspeaches

    Sunspot my fiance was diagnosed with type II diabetes 2 weeks ago. Type II is the one where you don't have to inject yourself. Chances are this is the type you have.

    I am sorry to hear that they charge you for these appointments over in the states. We have had two appointments already with the dietition and one with an educator. Another one is coming. They are free of charge. Appointments to the specialist are not however.

    Yesterday we went to see the dietition and got a stack of information on what you can eat how to read labels etc, GI indexes of food, portion control. I'll try to remember to bring it in on Monday and summarise some of the information for you.

  • deeskis


    I'm doing Diabetes Education Certificate at Uni this year and the principle of treatment are the same in Australia as in the States, although we use a different measurement system.

    type 2 is often treated by diet and exercise initially, but sometimes if it doesn't respond, or progresses may need tablets or insulin.

    exercise is also really important for controlling your blood glucose levels, current exercise recommendations are at least 30 minutes daily of moderate exercise.

    The diet info other mentioned are spot on, sometimes just making small changes can help everything fall into place.

    PM me if you'd like, but ongoing support is really important to help you make informed choices and manage your condition. The whole key is self-management, but information and support helps with that. As Peachie said it's a free service in Australia, and from what I've read in my studies there are some free services in the states as well.

    Best wishes, and feel free to pm me if you want some more details

  • jgnat

    I'm not very impressed with New York State's health initiatives for diabetics. Free needles? We need so much more than that.

  • Sunspot

    Wow!!!! Bless your hearts! I know I said this KIND of you ALL and you guys ARE the GREATEST BUNCH!!!!

    I just quickly skimmed over all the posts left for me since I last checked back to this thread....and I'm SO grateful to you all! I'll just reply with one "general" post for now---but I want to discuss some of the individual thoughts and ideas that were posted by each one. I never knew what Wilford Brimley and Patti LaBelle were talking about on their TV commercials....I do NOW! (I got a new attitude!, LOL!)

    I use a "OneTouch" meter and test strips twice a day....(four sticks in very sore fingers). The main reason that got me to start this whole thread was that I have noticed something really weird in my readings. I've only been "at this" for about six weeks but sometimes when my readings go way up after a meal....I've taken another reading from the same "stick" within seconds and it has come out around 100 or so points lower than the first one!

    I haven't mentioned this to anyone but my hubby (and one poster who apparently chose to keep this on a private basis and PMed me, but never had this happen) because I feel so ignorant about everything.....hard to explain....but I feel like something as simple as getting a correct reading should not be so dificult, LOL!

    So don't actually KNOW if my readings are right or not! These strips, lancets and all are SO expensive....even with insurance.....and I hate to keep using these up just to take readings at the same sitting.

    I'll address some of my questions and concerns as I write to the different posters and try not to make this into a lengthy novel. Since the one poster had PMed me and had not posted on the thread....I had thought about keeping ALL of this to PMs because maybe others don't wish to share any of this on an open-board basis...(perfectly understandable)....

    ...but then I thought that maybe something passed along here might help somebody else down the road---and that's what this board IS all about as I have seen time and time again, and not just when it comes to JW/exJW matters either!

    If ANYONE asks you: former JWs ROCK!!!

    warm hugs,


  • jgnat

    For the sore pharmacist instructed me to poke the SIDES of my finger, not the middle of the pad. That will save your nerves years down the road. Once you get used to first shaking your arm down for blood, try dialing a shorter stab. Less painful.

    Sometimes I love my country and our health plans. My employer covers my diabetic supplies, including the meter, at no cost. I can see why. It's to the employer's benefit to have a healthier employee.

    As for the odd readings, have you tried using the tester bottles to see if the meter is set right? Also, make sure you've washed your hands before you test.

  • AudeSapere

    If you are needing help with taking accurate readings, have you tried asking your pharmacist for assistance?

    Seems to me that he has a vested interest in you returning for supplies and additional medication/supplies as needed and may be very willing to spend a few minutes educating you on proper usage.

    My brother was diagnosed with 'High Triglycerides' (he goes into depression when anyone says he has diabetes). There's an excellent support group sponsored by the local hospital. They address things like testing and diet. Even share recipes and other aspects of healthier lifestyles.

    (Have you also tried googling: Diabetes Support <your county> ?)

    It looks like you may already have the beginnings of a sub-support group here on JWD!


  • GoingGoingGone

    You also might want to check the expiration date on the strips... if they are expired, they can give the wrong reading. And I've seen expired strips on the store shelves several times!


  • deeskis

    Hi Sunspot

    all the suggestions earlier have been spot on. Sometimes it also just takes time for your blood glucose levels to regulate. Hope things are settling down for you now.

    Best wishes


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