So the school calls me to ask if Zach is home sick...panic sets in...

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  • lisavegas420

    Glad it worked out the way it did.....I'm also glad they make those phone calls.

    They didn't make those phone calls when my daugher was in highschool....I didn't know she wasn't going to school until I called and asked for a copy of her report card, because she said she lost it....they said...."she brought in a letter from you saying that you were allowing her to drop out"......ya'd a thought they'd have called about that!!!


  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Wow, I'm glad he's ok. I would have freaked too! With or without tv we as parents know what's out there and life is just very scary.

    Lol, I'll be taking my daughter up to the door of the school until she's 13 knowing me.

    Hey... instead of Trace watch Grey's Anatomy! No, wait, that's left me in tears on more then one occasion.

    Hmmmm reruns of the 70's Show might be safe.

  • Lo-ru-hamah
    You're not alone in the worry wart department. If there is even a little tiny bit of wiggle room for panic to creep in my head it probably will. It's so bad that when my two year old sleeps in a little longer than usual in the morning, I have to keep checking on her to make sure she's still breathing.

    I am glad that I am not the only one that does this. In fact, my three year old still sleeps in my room as his room is upstairs and that is just too far for me.

    Freedom Frog: I am glad that your son is okay. I would have been freaking out too.

  • daystar


    Whew! Glad he's okay. I think I would freak right out if that happened to us.

  • Gill

    Hi FF! I'm glad he is all right! What a fright!

    I have to warn you that you get a completely different picture in your head, when they're sixteen and school rings to say they haven't turned up for a class!

    The picture of what You're going to do when they get home later!!

  • Carmel

    We raised our five kids in Alaska and our relatives in the lower 48 were always concerned about the kids getting eaten by wild animals walking to school and back (about half mile each way). I told them the chances of them being accosted by a brown bear or stray moose was a thousand times less likely than one of their kids being kidnapped by a human predator in Seattle or San Jose! What a crazy world!

    Of course our kids went off to college pretty naive about such matters..


  • morty

    I am glad to hear everything went well for you. It is a rather scary thing to get a call like that when, you know in your head, you did sent him off....It has happend to me a few times...

    For the poster, that had a child that dropped out of school and you did not know, that is Despicable!!!!... They should have a different system where you are living....I would have gone off the deep-end over that one..

    I have 2 boys in High school. One is grade 9 the other in his final year of grade 12. If they are not in any class of the day, I get a phone call right home and if I dont answer it, they call dirrectly to my cell or my husbands cell saying they are not in class.

    The boys call it a "rat line" but, I feel more comfortable knowing that the school is doing there job. Shortly though, my oldest will be 18 and will be able to write his own skip notes for class if he decided not to go or something comes up. I am not too keen on that but, I guess sometimes, we have to trust them and let them spead their wings at some point...

    You have a few more years before you have to worry about that one..

  • ZazuWitts

    Froggy, Glad Zach is okay!. Believe me, as a mother of three - I had many such days. Once, the school phoned me to report my son's absence- since I worked close to my home - my boss let me run home to check - I looked all over the house - no son- I want to the bathroom to 'go' before I phoned the police - I don't know what made me to it - but I pulled back the shower curtain - there was my son! He had played hookey from school - and when he heard me unexpectedly come home - he only had time to hide in the shower to hide. I was so relieved yet ticked, but later had to laugh. They are now all grown - but I STILL have concerns when I think they are late - or I can't reach them on the phone - a parent's "curse", me thinks:)

  • Sunspot

    There IS no fear that matches getting a phone call like that! Our youngest, our grandson we are raising, was six and had been transferred to an out-of-district school because our little vilage had no Special Ed classes or services at that time.

    We had gone to the school before opening day and we were amazed at how big this place was for an elemenatary school! The day of MY dreaded phone call....they said that he had been missing for about an hour and they thought they should notifiy me. Here is an Autistic little boy who would race out nto the street or hop into a car with anyone.....and always RAN wherever he went. He could have slipped outside and been miles away by then!

    They finally located him three hours later in a storage closet in the art room that had a sink ....he had a fascination with running water and was happily playing to his heart's content. He never knew he was "being bad", he never knew he was being looked for, and he never understood what all the fuss was about when he was found and I started bawling!

    By the time I had composed myself.....I was LIVID just thinking about all the "what ifs" that could have been.....and furious with the irresponsible staff and faculty that could allow this to occur!!! He had a LOT of horrible experiences when attending this school.....this was just ONE of them! He is 18 now, and I STILL get knots in my stomach whenever we happen to go past this school.

    Sorry....but I am an old worry-wart too! It only takes one moment to have your whole world fall apart....and when someone else has CAUSED it due to know where I'm going with this.

  • delilah

    FF, I'm glad your Zach is ok. Funny, I had the same thing happen to me, with my Zach, the first week of school. I did began to panic, as they called me at work. I knew I'd dropped him off before heading to work. The secretary put me on hold, and returned to tell me he was in class, the teacher accidently marked him as absent. Thank god!!

    Here, the school calls immediately, to see if the child is home, so I try to call them if my son's aren't going to be in class that day.

    It can be quite harrowing to get such phone calls...

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