Confirmed TED JARACZ has heart problems.

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  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    I feel absolutely no sympathy for that old bastard, not that I wish him any harm, but hey, anyone at the head of an organization that has caused so much damage to innocent people would have heart problems, especially if he ever lurked on this board and saw the harm his precious "publishing company posing as a religion" was causing to so many families.


  • Mary
    I received info from Brooklyn and can confirm that Ted Jaracz has seen a heart surgeon. The source gave the impression that he is not in immediate danger.

    Gee, shouldn't he be all happy now that he's one step closer to meeting his Maker? Something tells me though, that Teddy isn't going to be ruling with Christ after he shuffles off this moral coil. I'm with Fullofdoubtnow: I certainly do not derive pleasure from seeing anyone go through an illness, but I have absolutely no sympathy for Ted Jaracz, given the amount of suffering he's inflicted on millions of people with his arbitrary rules.

  • Jim_TX

    I will preface my comments by saying that I hope this person is okay.

    *muses* Now. If someone - that high up - in an organization that is pushing 'religion' - and knows that it is a farce - gets problems... who does he pray to?


    Jim TX

  • Sunspot

    If he has heart "problems".....will the FD&S mistake this for a heart "condition".....and Old Ted will have to have an attitude adjustment in the library?

    Will WE get to hear about this?

    Film at 11.....

  • TopHat

    If he is one of the heavenly class....then why bother with a heart surgeon? He can go straight to heaven without a heart. Does he have doubts?

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    Why does he want to extend his life and continue living in this evil system that is governed by "the great serpent Satan"? Doesn't he believe that he is going to heaven to sit with his buddies that already took the trip and shoot the poop with Jesus up there? My guess would be that, no he does not believe in the BS himself and he is afraid of what will happen because he doesn't know what really happens to you after you die, he is petrified, but even all the Borg's money can't save him, because his time is almost up.


  • Genesis

    Well said ICbehind the curtain. IMHO he is clearly afraid to die and know that the annointed thing is just BS. I hope he die soon so there will be new change in the borg, who knows, maybe a stupider president... I understand the posters that do no wish him bad but I think he really deserves more punishment than he will ever have and dying at his age of a heart attack will not make me cry for him. Old crook.

  • iamfreenow

    While I bear no ill - will to anyone, it's not easy to feel sympathy for such a cold, ruthless man as Ted Jaracz. He is obviously the most powerful and outspoken member of the Governing Body, and maybe JWs in general will benefit in some way if he has to give up his power, or has it taken from him by death. I have wondered how many of the GB actually completely believe in everything they teach. I suspect that some of them may not.

  • jayhawk1

    Why would the man want to see a doctor? Doesn't he want to go to heaven, float on clouds and play the trumpet for Jah? Wouldn't he want to go participate in Jesus' defensive tactics training in so he can kill the non-believers?

  • belbab

    I am surprised to see that no one as globbed on to this:

    A deja-vu situation?

    What other big wig of the WT was sent to California for early retirement quite a few decades ago to get him away from Brooklyn to prevent his continuing to mess up the works?

    What was his name again?


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