How much influence did the internet have on you leaving the organization?

by The wanderer 64 Replies latest jw friends

  • moshe

    None- Al Gore hadn't invented the Internet yet when I left in 1988!

  • DesertRat

    It was through the Internet (at a public library) that I first learned of Commentary Press, publishers of the Crisis book. I cannot recall the number of hours spent online there researching the history, false prophecies, etc., of the Borg on Saturday & Sunday afternoons. From the same library I also found out about a local ex-JW support group (unfortunately now defunct).

    And of course, the Freeminds site was an invaluable help...eventually leading me here!!


  • JeffT

    darn! Moshe beat me to it. We also left in 1988. We did our research the old fashinoed way - we went to the library and looked at books. We had to walk, through the snow, it was up hill both ways.

    And yes C of C was a big eye-opener.

  • Sassy

    none. I left them because they wouldn't let me get an anullment or divorce my 2nd husband.

    so I said fk it and left..

    however.. when I joined here upon the advice of Simplesally.. overtime I decided to really read some of the stuff here on doctrines, etc, I was able to know I made the right decisions.

    IF I hadn't.. I might have eventually gone back

  • kilroy2

    My reason for leaving started when the "generation" was getting very old and dying off. I asked every elder, ms, and any one who would talk to me, what the society was going to do if the "generation died off, and was told it would not happen. the end was neigh.

    I replied to every one I talked to that I would stay with the society until I saw what was going to happen with the "generation of 1914" I was told by all not to worry that the end would be here before then.

    Then in 95, we got a tower that did the DC two step worthy of a DC beltway elected official. They just changed the meaning of Generation. WTF I said. ENOUGH!!!!!!!

    That is when the internet started to come on, and I started to search. So for me the Internet was there the same time I went a looking. And found wonderful things. I pulled back the curtain and saw the stupid old FU#$ pulling the levers. And out the door I went.

  • BizzyBee
    Wanderer,what is that picture of?...OUTLAW

    I believe that is footage of Fidel Castro stumbling - with assailant photo-shopped in.............

  • AuldSoul

    I would say the Internet is only 10% responsible for me leaving, from one perspective, in that I received tip offs from the Internet on what to study out thoroughly on points I would not have researched otherwise. The doctrines and policies of the Watchtower Society carefully considered alongside the Bible is 90% responsible for me leaving.

    From another perspective, it is 100% responsible since I would not have researched the points I researched had it not been for the Internet.

    I already wasn't a JW, I just didn't know it yet.

    Likewise, ALL those I have personally interested in the idea of thinking and fairly evaluating the teachings owe their awakening to my awakening from the Internet, whether or not they ever visit this site or any other ex-JW site.

    But, I believe even the ex-JW community on the Internet ultimately owes its awakening to some few brave souls who literally risked everything to stand on their principles in the face of near certain ruin to themselves. The Internet has just made the flow of information much easier.


  • bigmouth

    I'd faded for many years. (Depression / isolation) And sneaked a look at apostate sites and knew I was a lucky one!

    The photoshopped assailant is of Zinedine Zidane and his infamous head-butt on an Italian defender in the World Cup in Germany this year.

  • girasole

    The internet, while not the source of my doubts, was huge for me too. I remember the night I finally got up the courage to look into the great unknown. It was shortly after a circuit assembly where the CO had given a talk and mentioned the internet. I remember him saying that if you clicked on one of these sights, "YOUR FAITH WILL BE SHAKEN!" He was practically yelling by that point. \

    And he was right my faith was shaken. Thankfully by that point I had sense enough not to go running to the elders which is the counsel that was given for anyone who even so much as had curiousity about the sites.

    It was a meeting night that night and I was 10 minutes late because of reading Timothy Campbell's site (mentioned earlier in this thread). I faked a headache and skipped out on the "association" that night and went straight home to read more.

    The witnesses use the same tactic there as for the indoctrination process by telling people what they will feel when they do something so that when/if they do it, they will feel just like the org says they will and it will only serve to keep them in the org anywayand reinforce that "they're right."

    The speaker said that if one started reading those sights they would likely become "addictive" and their faith will be broken. He was right about that too.

    It is examples like these that make it so hard for anyone to ever leave - and for most to even reason with themselves. THOUGHT CONTROL!


  • willyloman

    I already wasn't a JW, I just didn't know it yet.

    Nominating AS for Best Writing In a Single Sentence In 2006 (so far).

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