NEWBIES how many of you

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  • dido

    I started posting at the end of March, and was out nearly all summer as i don`t like to be inside when the weather`s nice, so didn`t post much then, so don`t know if i`m still classed a newbie, i think i`ve moved to the next level now! I still feel new tho` as most of you that have been on here for 4-5 years, and all know each other well.

  • Little Drummer Boy
    Little Drummer Boy

    (raises hand)

  • OnTheWayOut

    I am a newbie. Been reading for a short while from links. Once I just had to respond to a thread, I just kept going. I really like getting it out of my system, as I am still in the congregation (You can read my biography).

  • plmkrzy

    Lol! Warlock our newbie Jedi master, must be a record of some kind. When I first started posting I think I tried to post to everybody?s thread but soon found out?it ain?t possible. They move way too fast to keep up with?m all even if one never leaves to go potty.

    Grey matters I think it?s close enough, I should have left out the ?in the past month or two? as so many only post once in awhile.

    Welcome dido, grey matters and Warlock!

  • plmkrzy

    Welcome LittleDrummerBoy and OnTheWayOut

    I think I got this formatting problem under control...somewhat Hope it gets fixed soon it has been a real pain to post lately.

    Glad your all here.

    I am curious how many have joined since I was gone for so long. It seems like a LOT!

    I started out reading freeminds in early 2001 and conected here late 2001 then finally started posting shortly after that.

  • dido

    Is there any way of finding out exactly how many new ones are on here, as it would be interesting to know? Say from the last 6 months, as there seems more on here than when i first came.

  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    Hi! I joined yesterday, so i guess you could say I'm still wet behind the ears.

    Kitten Whiskers


    This is my chance to welcome all the newbies who have just arrived or came here during my absense from the board.....WELCOME to the board guys!!..This place used to be like a Wild West show in the old days..It`s calmed down quite a bit..A better place for Newbies and the rest of us..If I can give you one word of advice it would be "Participate"..Find threads(topics)you can be part of,start your own threads(topics)..Speak your mind!..This is a wonderfull place,enjoy it!...OUTLAW

  • exwitless

    Hi! I'm new since September 10th, the day my husband (Little Drummer Boy)and I mailed our DA letter.

  • AuldSoul

    Welcome to you ALL, and the lurkers who haven't gotten up nerve enough to venture into the open. Some of us do bite, fair warning. But it is only love nips, it isn't intended to rend flesh.

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