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  • mama1119

    I just had this funny memory pop up. As JW, we were not allowed to cuss, right?? Well, I had this friend whose Mom substituted "piss" for every cuss word. She thought it was the least harmful of all of them so she was always "piss this" and "piss that". I got in to the habit of just using the first letter of each word...like "oh F" etc. Now, my non JW friends think it is the funniest thing I say that. Does anyone else have substitutes you used to vent, instead of cuss words???

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Yeah, I used to say "oh sugar" a lot, and sometimes "ruddy heck" if I felt a cuss word coming on. I did that for the first couple of months after I left, and my bf used to laugh, reminding me that there were no elders waiting to counsel me for saying what I really think anymore. I tend to use the words themselves instead of substitutes nowadays.

  • OpenFireGlass

    Ohhhhh, I cussed... I remember when my family moved from Baltimore to northern Virginia, I was cussing with new friends at school... turned out that one of the kids attended the east cong (my fam. attended the west cong.)....

    I sweated bullets for the first week, thinking he would tell on me... LOL (he never told on me...)

  • schne_belly

    Ya...I use "Frick or Fricken" a lot...My mom doesn't even seem to like that I use that expression.

    Unfortunatly I do cuss more now that I'm out than before. Not too often, but when I get really mad, usually something having to do with the religion, a swear word will slip out....

  • greendawn

    I didn't use four letter words as a JW but other words expressing anger and disapproval such as bloody and damn.

  • daystar

    Dangit! Doggit! I don't give a heck! Shoot! Dang! Man!

    That's about all I could muster until I was in my late teens. I remember we had this bully in our neighborhood. I real Eddie Haskell, but much worse. I can remember riding my bike on the other side of the neighborhood and he said something nasty to me. I actually flipped him off!

    I rode my bike home as fast as I could.

    Later, I found, he apparently told my mom that I flipped him off. He knew we were JWs. She asked me about it and I was pretty scared she was going to let me have it. But I told her I had flipped him off because I was so tired of him being such a jerk to all of us and I just was so mad at him that I let it slip.

    If I told you some of the things he did, you'd be surprised I hadn't done more than that. For example, we always suspected him of killing one of our cats with a BB gun, and he very nearly caused my younger sister serious harm when he ran fishing line from the light post to the neighbor's front door to see what would happen when she ran through it on her Big Wheel. If she hadn't seen it and put her hands up just in time, cutting the hell out of her hands and her arms... it was just neck high to her... Anyway, I am digressing, but he was quite the $h**-bag. Typically, he went into private security and then on to being a police officer. Thinking back, I wish I'd done more than just flip him off... much more...

  • Finally-Free

    I always cussed. A MS once tried to counsel me for my use of the word "f*ck', telling me how bad it was for a JW to use that word. I countered by telling him how stupid it sounded every time he used the word "flip" instead of "f*ck". We then went out to a local bar, and after a few beers he agreed with me.


  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    I did even in front of other JW kids, but not in front of my dad, I slipped a couple times in front of my mom and she got pissed off and told my dad. But after I told my parents I didn't want anything to do with JW's, I even flipped off an Elder, and told some JW's kids in my High school to fuck off, since I was already getting a beating for not going to meetings might as well make it fun.

  • lonelysheep

    I used 'freakin' a lot and crud in place of $***.

  • fokyc

    There is an elder in Tewkesbury Cong. U.K. who is always using the expression, 'Gor Blymey', he doesn't seem to have the sense to realize it means, 'God blind me'. Perhaps he will one day!!

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