How many people in this forum are from NewZealand??

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  • ania

    Hello i am a newbie and just saw another person in the forum from NZ. It hadn't even occured to i wonder how many there are???

  • Odrade


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Not many Ania.

    Welcome to the forum.



  • Reefton Jack
    Reefton Jack

    One more of us, at least, Ania!

  • frankiespeakin

    Welcome to our New Zealand XJWs. I'm so glad you guys are with us. I often wonder how the JW are so far away from the grip of the brooklyn governing body.

    Have the JWs over there heard about the massive lay-off at brooklyn with many who have given decades of service being put out to fend for themselves?

  • teela(2)

    Welcome and add one from Gisborne

  • bigmouth

    Hi Ania. From Otago. And I used to be around the congs. in Auckland and Hamilton. There are at least another couple that come on here that haven't replied yet.

  • ania

    Hi everybody, WOOHOO

    that makes 5 so far. I'm in Kaikoura, if we get many more mabey we can start our own yearly get-togethers one day??? that would be something to think about anyway.

    Hi Pete (with an alias like that you would have to be an outspoken from Auck's/Hamilton way's) i lived in Hamilton east for part of my childhood and lived on Waheke Island when i was in my teens (great place to recover).

    Hi frankiespeakin-no i haven't had much to do with JW world in many years although i am interested in other escapees like myself.

    But you may be assured: The WTS has a giant python grip around the world no matter how far away you are from the govering body

    thanx for introducing yourselves in the NZ topic everyone CHEERS ania

  • one of 12
    one of 12

    And a big hello from Otago, wife of bigmouth, also a member. I havn't posted for a while because I have been busy studying at Polytech, getting qualifications. Welcome Ania

  • Mackin


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