How many people in this forum are from NewZealand??

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  • jonno_oxford

    Hi All,

    I'm currently living in the UK, but am just submitting my application to move over to your end of the world with my Kiwi partner.

    Hope to be over there by May next year, if all our plans go well.

    We're moving to the Chch area.

    hope we can meet up sometime.


  • ania

    Hi Jonno that would be cool let us know when you get over here

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Hi Ania,

    My nieghbours kids saw some whales yesterday in Kaikoura. I hope they got some photos.



  • ania
    My nieghbours kids saw some whales yesterday in Kaikoura

    Great Did they go out on Whale watch if they did they're luck they got in yesterday as whale watch didn't run today apparently it was due to southerlies and rough water. There has been a Southern Wright and her calf hanging out in the bay (outside whale watch) for a couple of weeks now which have been attracting a large gathering

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I haven't heard the details yet. I've just had a txt.

    They have been pretty lucky. Tim went swimming with wild dolphins up near Paihia last year and another time we had orcas putting on a display around our boat.

  • ania

    Wow that sounds great i don't get much time to do any of those things (only hear about it from all the customers where i work) my fault for being such a workaholic.

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