Will the wts face a Muslim backlash over the new tract?

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    The WTS is extraodinarily USA-centric.

    From their viewpoint, the vast majority of the world is white and lives in well-manicured suburbs (check out the photos in the Watchtower study articles). When they speak of "false religion", what they have in mind is the Methodist church around the corner. In the WT-world, there are a few scattered Muslims and Hindus and whatnot here and there, but by far the overwhelming majority of mankind belongs to "Christendom".

    Of course, the old coots rarely venture outside the ivory towers in Brooklyn, and when they do, they are constantly insulated from the real world by hordes of worshipful accolytes who fawn over them and treat them as royalty, and give them "green handshakes". I think some would chew their food for them if they could.

    It somehow escapes their notice that 95% of the world (and over 80% of the JWs) are not "American" (from the USA), the majority of people in the world do not belong to "Christendom", and billions and billions of people, if they are ever unlucky enough to actually see a Watchtower, would scratch their heads in bewilderment at the depictions of idyllic suburban bliss that make up the "Goofus and Gallant" type photos of approved and non-approved JW behavior.

    So, as expected, the new tract makes its typical ininuations and innuendoes referring to "Christendom's churches" and the things the JW hierarchy finds objectionable therein. So, (1) 99.999% of the world's Muslim population will never even see the tract, and (2) those that do, won't get the idea that the WTS lumps them in with "false religion".

  • Mary
    They do, after all, classify all religions apart from theirs as false, and we've seen in the last few days that it doesn't take much to inflame the more militant factions of Islam.

    Possibly, but I doubt the Muslims will riot. As far as I know, Islam is not singled out in the new tract and these tracts tend to zero in on Christianity and the Catholic Church anyway.

    While the GB have always been keen on stirring up mostly Christian denominations with their hate propaganda, (and then scream "persecution" when they get the backlash), I don't think they're quite stupid enough to try and purposely piss off fanatical Muslims.....unless they'd like to see their headquarters at Columbia Heights blown to smithereans......

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    Regarding what Muslims think about JW's - a while back I was lurking on a Muslim forum and they were talking about the JW's saying how this is the most dangerous religion to them , because the JW's don't keep their beliefs to themselves like most christians, they instead go out and try to convert people into their religion - I kid you not! I was very surprised when I saw this, because I didn't even think they knew the JW's existed, but trust me they had alot of info on the WTS, they were talking about all the date setting, and they even had a scanned copy of a watchtower from the 70's the one that talked about 1975 being a very important date. So yes let them take this tract to the nearby mosque or to the home of radicals and see how Jehovah will protect the them if they are attacked.


  • fullofdoubtnow
    I was lurking on a Muslim forum and they were talking about the JW's saying how this is the most dangerous religion to them , because the JW's don't keep their beliefs to themselves like most christians, they instead go out and try to convert people into their religion


    I am not surprised to read that. As other posters have said, many Muslims probably won't get to read the tract, but those who live in the West, and there is a large Muslim community where I live, some of whom are very militant, are likely to receive a copy. I suppose it depends on what they choose to read into the points the wts are making of the hallmarks of a false religion, but if they get the idea that the jws are referring to them, then it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that there might be some reaction from them, hopefully not violent.

  • greendawn

    There aren't many dubs in Moslem countries (they failed to make any headway really and most of their converts there were from Christian minorities) but I am sure they wouldn't like to expose them to persecution. With fanatics like these everything is possible, they are not Christendom that tolerates the JWs quite well.

  • banished1

    Perhaps the WTS is taking advantage of the political/religious climate to encourage the Great T to start as a sort of "bring it on" mentality.

  • Free

    All terrorist must die. That we all know. Just so happens they all claim to worship the same god. Whatever the watchtower decides to print about those FU*KERS is OK by me. So what if they hurt their feelings. WHAT ABOUT THE FEELINGS AND RIGHTS OF THOSE PEOPLE JUMPING OUT OF THE TWIN TOWERS OR IN THOSE PLANES ON 9/11,OR HOW ABOUT THE FAMILIES OF THOSE PEOPLE. Facts don't lie, In my book they are all guilty.

  • lonelysheep

    The jw's aren't even looked at as a real religion.

    Islam believes they are the true religion, too.

    My conclusion is that it won't mean anything. Perhaps if the WTS were so bold confident that they were the one true religion, that they would illustrate say, a Koran or *gasp* the prophet M himself, then there would be some backlash.

  • JimWood

    You are forgetting about the money. If Crookland gets razed they collect the insurance money and walk. Most of the 'hard' processes (i.e. printing etc.) have already moved from there. Plus they already have plans for a new crib in the DUMBO neighborhood.

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