"It's not jws fault that Revelation speaks of birds eating them up."

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  • VM44

    "Reviews" like this one are really not very helpful! --VM44

  • Gill

    No! I agree! It's not their fault that it's in the Bible. It is their fault that they choose to take it so literally and cannot use their own reasoning to work out what is correct and what isn't!

    It's their fault they choose not to use their God given intelligence.

  • jayhawk1

    Maybe this "scholar" is one of the Celebrated Watchtower Scholars that scholar was talking about during the first of two big 607 debates recently.

  • jwfacts

    It is the WTS's fault for taking it literally.

    It is the WTS's fault for saying the scriptures applies to all 6 billion people that are not JWs

    It is the WTS's fault for changing their original understanding of Noah and now saying that those who died in the flood will not get a resurrection.

    Rutherford changed the religion from one of love that accepted that virtually all of mankind will be saved to one that said virtually all will be destroyed.

  • LongHairGal

    I know what the Bible says about Revelation. Other religions believe Revelation also.

    My problem is that what the JWs teach in other areas is either exaggerated or not in the Bible. The problem I have with this review is that this person is hung up on certain scriptures. He is convinced that because the JWs take on one thing is right, therefore their whole religion is right. Well, guess what? A religion is not just made up from one or two scriptures.


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