Have you had to fire anyone?

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  • seahart

    Ughh, I had to let my accoutant/book keeper go. By the why she took it you would have thought we had been b-friend/g-friend. She called after a half hour to say she wasn't believeing me. Almost like on 'Seinfeld' when Georges break up didn't take. Now I received an outrages bill for prior work and she is hold some records like ransome. She is valadating any questions I had of letting her go. I thought it would be tough, but it is just weird now. Does this sound familiar to anybody? By the way, if anyone is wondering, I am happily married and NOTHING romantic ever transpired between us. S.

  • skyking

    Yes I have fired many people. It always feel like an out of body experience too me.

  • luna2

    She obviously had a different view of your relationship...and I'm not talking romantic or anything....like maybe she thought you were close friends. She also probably thinks that she does good work and isn't accepting that someone else doesn't agree. The bill for past work???? I'm thinking she either did some stuff as a perk..like maybe she was never going to charge you... and then decided to bill you for it out of anger when you fired her. Hostage records is a ploy to get her money, I assume, as well as more revenge. Nice mess.

    I've only ever fired one person. She had self-imposed medical problems (abuse of prescription drugs I've been told), couldn't learn the job in a normal amount of time (most have the basics within a week, she was still barely able to ring a sale by herself after 6 weeks), made inappropriate sexual jokes to the customers and other employees, and would often have to go home, usually in tears, early. The most horrible person I've ever had to deal with. My father and the manager were in a state of ...gawd, I don't know what. I guess they were afraid she'd cry at them??? I finally got to the point where I couldn't take another day with her and when she called in to say her son had missed the bus again and she'd be late (again), I told her to go ahead and stay home....forever. Awful.

  • greendawn

    Yes when I was a supermarket manager I fired a couple of staff for theft and two accountants the first for being incompetent and provocative, the second for not keeping to the fees we had mutually agreed. He caused a great deal of trouble, kept the books of the previous financial year and eventually took us to court for non payment. The judge dismissed the case after he failed three times to show up in court.

  • Elsewhere

    I have fired some awful bosses before. They treated me like crap so I had to get rid of them.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    At first I was thinking no, I hadn't, but then I recalled one guy...

    I was having some work done in my home and he was a contractor. I explained to him what I wanted and he didn't want to do it the way I wanted. He wanted to do the job in a way that would have been totally inappropriate and amateurish-looking.

    I said to him, "Let me explain to you how this works. I'm paying for the work, so you'll do it my way." He continued to argue, so I said, "OK, you're fired. Take your tools and leave. I'll hire someone else to do the work."

    I found a thoroughly skillful guy who listened to me, said that of course he could do what I wanted, and then did it.

    The other jerk tried to file some kind of workmen's comp claim against the general contractor who had sub-hired him. I was pleased to help the general contractor shut that jerk down.

    I learned that some people, like the jerk, are self-employed only because no one will have them on their team. Others, like the second contractor, do superior work and see no reason to split the profit of their skill with dunsel partners.

  • poppers

    I've never had to fire anyone, but my oldest brother did. After he got his first job following college his first task was to fire the man he was replacing, someone who had been working for that firm all his life. How's that for your first day on the job?

  • seahart

    L2, I think your right about the perk work. I am going to pay her because I think it will easier than trying to fight it. Nathan, She is self employed and I just found out that I am not the only one who was having problems. I like the phrasing of your last line. That nailed it(pun intended). S.

  • JeffT

    Yes, I've had to let people go. Sometimes they take it OK, sometimes they freak out. Was she a contractor or an employee? What records is she keeping? If she's a contractor she can keep her work product until she's paid for it, if she's an employee she may be in possession of stolen property.

    Side note: I'm in an accountant and I live in Kirkland. I'm fairly up on Washingto HR law.

  • Dismembered

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