Have you had to fire anyone?

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  • Alana

    Yes, unfortunately I have. It sucks. So does the "shape up or ship out" discussions. I'm no longer in a direct supervisory position (moved on up), thank goodness. However the last person I fired was quite an experience. She apparently had a problem with keeping her clothing on or something....LOL.....(BTW, her second job was as a stripper I learned later). She would think nothing of coming into my office and dropping her slacks to show me her "cool new tattoo". What got her fired was when she went into an office of another employee -- with several people in there for training -- and (dispite their protests) showed them all her "cool new clit piercing". She harrassed me for a while with phone calls (trying to disguise her voice), but stopped whenour company's security department started to investigate the calls. Anyway, I don't envy anyone who has to deal with staff issues and discipline!

    Regarding the items she has -- can't you get an attorney or police involved?

  • Jim_TX

    I fired my divorce lawyer... does that count?

    He kept taking the side of the ex-wife's lawyer... "that doesn't sound too bad..." "that sounds reasonable..." all the while giving them whatever they wanted.

    I found a different lawyer who agreed he would take my case - but I had to let the other lawyer go first.

    It was glorious! I've never felt better! Plus - it was the best decision I could have made. The second lawyer handled the rest of the divorce like I would've wanted him to.


    Jim TX

  • Nowman

    I had to fire a guy (luckily only one so far) last summer. He cried (literally) and begged to work for 2 weeks for free. Inside I felt so bad, he just wasn't working out, he would have been good at something else, just not with what we do.


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