Severance Pay ($10,000 for each year)for Those Laid Off From Bethel?

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  • lawrence

    I've been in a few companies over the years at layoff time and have seen quite a few people go ballistic. 2 sites had to employ additional security due to threats and exit interviews that went bad. Wonder if this will occur in N.Y....

    As far as severance pay, these poor buggers won't even get a free magazine subscription or a bus ticket - fend for yourself - what wonderful Christians!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    It would be nice to think that the wts would have some sort of severance pay scheme in mind for these people, but they won't have. They may get something, but it will be nowhere near the scale someone laid off after many years service to a company would expect. They are, after all, volunteers, no matter that they have never been able to put anything aside for their latter years out of the pittance they have been paid for their bethel service.

    If the wts doesn't pay these people much in the way of cash, I have a strong suspicion they will pay for it in other ways though. I can imagine there will be some very disgruntled people leaving bethel soon.

  • RunningMan

    Perhaps the society could grant them one extra month of eternal life per year of service. Or maybe, a couple of "get out of fornication free" cards.

  • juni

    Hi Frankie!

    Did you read where Ford Co. is paying out severance up to I believe $100,000 for each employee?

    I may have my amount wrong.

    The WT would never do something like that!!! I'm sure they had their arses covered. Also they have their attorneys. The little guy couldn't afford the court fight. It would have to be a group action and forget that one.


  • Honesty
    I think that letting go of so many "mature ones" with out and severance package will have a very bad effect on the future of the organization and produce lot of (to use a wt term) "DIsgruntal ones" which reverberate for years to come.

    Most of them are so brainwashed they'll believe that Jehovah is the reason for the downsizing season and will eagerly march to their New Assignments. The fallout will come along AFTER they have been in their New Assignments a few months and start realising that the local dubs don't give a rat's a$$ about them.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Are they having layoffs or is this just speculation? I don't think they are even eligable for unemployment benifits. I don't remember hearing of anyone being presented with a benifits package on arrival at Bethel so I would think they are SOL. I think anyone who has spent their life there would have very little to show for it and would wind up relying on a government run by Satan for a handout. I have heard witness make fun of churches where the minister can retire and has a retirement plan. A 60 year old bethelite might not find it such a funny idea.

  • VM44

    When Ray Franz was told to leave Bethel, how much much did they give him? --VM44

  • Phil

    does anyone have a copy of the form that Bethelites must sign on admission to the Bethel.I would like to get a copy of this document.

  • frankiespeakin
    When Ray Franz was told to leave Bethel, how much much did they give him? --VM44

    I think it was $10,000.

  • cabasilas

    I remember signing some forms but the one I can't forget was the one giving the WTBTS the authority to bury my body, if needed. Not something the average 19 year old thinks about very much.

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