We lost a family member today...

by morty 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • juni

    Hugs Morty.

    I'm sorry to hear about Stitch. I love animals and their companionship they give you. It is so hard when they die. I've gone through a pet's death quite a few times. You love each of them and they forever are in your heart and memory.


  • Beachbender

    very sad indeed

    R.I.P. Stitch

    I`m sure he`s lovin` the backyard and the tree

  • JH

    That's awful (((Morty)))

    I love cats so much I can feel your pain

  • morty

    Thank-you guys....

    just having support means alot to me....

    Love Morty

    P.s....we are making a painted stone for him tonight...we did decide to put him in the backyard...

  • Gill

    (((((((( Morty )))))))) So sorry to hear about Stitch!

    At least he died 'in action.'

    My little old birdie, died before last christmas. He was thirty two years old and had been with me all those years. He died while wandering across his cage to go and get a drink. I think his little old heart just gave out. But he was 'in action' and we didn't have to put him to sleep. For that, I'm grateful.

    Take care Morty. Soon you'll remember just the good times with Stitch!

  • morty

    Ok, so, we had a late night last night....

    The boys selected to make a beautiful wooden cross for Stitch and I painted a real nice stone I had picked up at the gravel pit a little while ago. It was big enough to paint his b-day date and his passing date along with a few respectable words and some kitty paws on it. It was truly a symbolic ceremony for Stitch. We had our other cat Toffie there along with our dog Harley whom he loved to play with. We placed his favorite toys with him, and his bag of cat nip with him..( He loved his nip...lol)

    well my friends, thanks again for your support...again, it has meant a lot to me and I have printed off your posts for the kids and hubby...They thought you were all so kind but, could not grip the part of everyone saying sorry and not personally knowing us...lol...

    My oldest one is know interested in making his way to this board, so keep an eye out for him, and be nice!!!(..lol)

    With much love,


  • avengers

    I lost Toby, (see avatar), a week ago. I'm still not over it.
    He got hit by a car.
    I can feel your pain.
    I didn't know a man could love an animal this much.

    Rest in peace Stitch and Toby. We shall always miss you in our lives.


  • shera


    Sorry Morty about your cat..your last post brought tears to my eyes.


  • morty
    He got hit by a car.
    I can feel your pain.
    I didn't know a man could love an animal this much.

    I am so sorry Avengers....You have heart and feelings. That?s a true man in my opinion. My hubby and I bawled our eyes out as we laid our Stitch down last night. I really hope your kitty did not suffer.

    R.I.P. Toby...

    Sorry Morty about your cat..your last post brought tears to my eyes

    Thanks Shera....I was bawling myself as I typed it.

  • Dansk


    I'm so sorry to learn about Stitch. This not long after Andy's (Avenger's) cat died.

    I'm primarily a dog lover, but I love all animals. I've had cats and know what you must be going through.

    Keep strong - and get yourself a kitten. When I lost one of my beloved dogs I got a puppy. It really did help erase the pain - though they can never replace the one who died.



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