Describing the meetings

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  • PoppyR
    its one of the few places where watching a moth bang itself to death on a lightbulb is interesting and you even envy the moth.

    LMAO This is the best description by far. So many times I've watched the progress of a bee, or a spider. When i was a child I remember genuinely believing that time went more slowly in the meetings and wishing with all my heart it would go as fast as when I was playing! Sometimes now I forget what day it is, and I catch sight of the brothers in their suits and ties and my heart bleeds for them! SO good to be out. Poppy

  • OnTheWayOut
    So many times I've watched the progress of a bee, or a spider.

    In the Chicago area, the conventions used to be held at a horse racetrack, which had ponds and fields in the middle of the track. There were mother ducks that used to march their ducklings to-and-fro. Everybody would watch them and ignore the talk going on. Sometimes we could watch horse trainers across the track or watch lawnmowers in the distance. I really missed those distractions when they stopped using that facility.

  • tijkmo

    i liked them....but then i took most of them

    ergo they werent boring

  • marsal

    Dry, sterile, and business-like. There was absolutely no sense of "worship".
  • bubble

    The biggest waste of time you are ever likely to experience.

    And oh my god why did the time pass so slowly during meetings. When you are watching something entertaining on tv the time just whizzes by. Time seemed to stand still during especially boring items.

    I really don't miss meetings.

  • Honesty

    About like the sales seminars I have attended in the past with added emphasis on OBEY, OBEY, OBEY.

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