Did You Ever "Tell Off" An Elder or Circuit Overseer?

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  • mariposa

    Nope, but I was damn close once. I stopped in mid-sentence out of respect for the fact that this guy was as old as my grandpa! I just couldn't say anything that rude to an elderly man.

  • minimus

    You southerners are sooo polite.

  • mariposa

    Yeah, I should've just brought out some peach tea and pecan pie and had a jolly converstaion with the guy, eh?

  • codeblue

    I politely told a Circuit Overseer off....HE immediately apologized to me and said he was at fault!!!

    I sent a letter to an elder after his supposed shepherding visit. He told me I needed to get on with my life....(I went through a horrible divorce with a cheating husband) He even told me about how another family got on with their life (after a tragedy)...LIKE that was suppose to be ME? He never responded to the letter but he was kinder to me.

  • FreeFromWTBS

    Yes, when an Elder came to my door to tell me he would recommend that a sister return to her husband if he was abusing her. I gave him what for. Never went to a meeting again.

  • Sunspot

    No.....but I was totally devastated about something and vented very emphatically in the library with the PO. I was so messed up when I discovered something that I was not even going to attend the Sunday meeting...

    ...but I tearfully decided to go and took the PO right out of his seat and said I would leave if I didn't "talk" to him! He complied....and talked to me, missing the entire public talk and a good part of the WT study that day!

    My "super-fine-elderette-pioneered-since-high-school-and-now-she-was-divorced-and-on-her-own" daughter....had led me to think that she was shunning my oldest son...who had been DFed for YEARS. When that 1981 WT article came out---it SEEMS that we both stopped any association with him.

    What I didn't know was for many years, she had been secretly (to ME----ALL the rest of my kids and family knew about this) going over to another son's house and setting up times to visit with him! ALL THIS TIME I was viewed as the uptight old bitch who hated her son because he left the WTS......while SHE was associating with him all along. A third son had let this tidbit slip out when he was here.....that she was indeed seeing AND associating with the DFed son behind my back.

    It hurt me SO much to think that we were NOT (nor ever HAD been) unified in this as I was led to believe.....how many times I said "we don't do this or that" and I was the only one doing what the WTS dictated....I was SO angry at her betrayal and her sneakiness. It wasn't the first time I had been a victim of her lies and her crappy and completely deceitful ways.

    The PO (in fact EVERYONE---NO KIDDING) thought the sun rose and set on my perfect daughter, she was used at assembies and had all KINDS of special priveleges awarded to her.....and was THE model to follow. THIS was why I was so hurt and so pissed....and here I was doing what the WTS said to do.....and SHE was sneaking around doing what SHE wanted!

    I kept sobbing and ASKING him that morning....was *I* wrong---or was SHE? I wanted to let HIM know what a two-faced witch she had been and that her halo had slipped! If any of you knew how adored and pampered she was....and her first husband (a ministerial servant who was DFed when she turned him in for smoking) that she had always took advantage of and treated like dirt....that she.....oh well.....this is not on the "private" section....and she is "sue-happy" so I better watch out.....but I'll just say she dumped him and married an elder with a "to-die-for" expensive home with a pool in a la-de-dah area.....

    But I have every hope that her lies (about MANY things) concerning me and others----wil catch up to her and bite her in the butt. The odds or Karma or whatever----can't keep her on top of the heap forever. It just SEEMS that way.

    I wanted that PO to know, in no uncertain terms, just how underhanded she had been and what it ultimately was doing to our family as she played her mind games.

    I never heard a thing about how it turned out or if she was ever spoken to about her behavior. So much for playing favorites......


    BTW.....this "loving Christian" JW daughter sent me a card three months AFTER I had my first stroke.....even though she had been notified that morning that I was seriously ill in the ICU.

  • mama1119

    I never really told any of them off, out loud. In my last committee meeting, when I was still trying to be reinstated (this was my 12th meeting ) they asked me again if I was sorry for what I had done. It had been a mistake I made two years prior, had attended every meeting after, did all the showing repentance crap and had enough of "apologizing" to three old guys. And I told them as much, although I didn;t call them old, I just said, No, I am no longer apologizing, I did my time, learned my lesson etc. Besides, now I have a beautiful baby girl, that came from the "mistake" I made" And They replyed with a "yes, you have a baby, but at what cost did you have her". I said "there is no cost to my daughter" and then said I was done. That was the last time I went to meeting.

  • jgnat
    I have always done it in with deep respect and submissiveness.

    Ha! I've seen Blondie in action. Her silky voice and relentless reasoning can cower a roaring lion into a mewling kitten, rolled over, belly exposed for a good rub. I had a good rant on an elder after the anti-college talk last fall. He wedged in one word about "conscience matter" and I was off. He had the gall to use "conscience matter" on me after I witnessed him cut off one brave soul who questioned the anti-college advice during comments.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl
    I have always done it in with deep respect and submissiveness.

    Blondie: I'm sure you did. With all your references backing you. <grin>


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    When I was in my teens, my sister's husband took a belt to her and beat her. I went to an elder who I knew that lived nearby. He said, "What can I do? Its a private matter." I said, "the reason you don't do anything is because you're chicken shit!".

    My sister divorced the pig when she found out that her elder husband, who was an international pilot, was screwing women all over the globe in addition to molesting her daughter, his step daughter.

    Didn't feel bad calling the elder on the carpet on that one.


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