Did You Ever "Tell Off" An Elder or Circuit Overseer?

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  • minimus

    I know of very few that would "dare" tell off a CO but elders were different. Having been an elder for many years, it was very easy to go back and forth with a fellow elder and basically tell him he was dumb. Many men would say little and bite their tongue, knowing that it could ruin their chances of advancement. But the women, at least a few of them had no issue showing the "Jezebel spirit". Actually, many elders were afraid of the assertive sisters......Did you ever stand up to an elder and tell him "where the dog died"??

  • JH

    I stood up to an elder once.

    I wanted to be a aux pioneer that month, and two elders said ok, and one said no and didn't want to sign the paper, so I told him off.

    He said, you can become an aux pionner when you become regular in your hours. I used to fluctuate alot from 5 hours a month to 20 and he didnt like that.

    I also had an argument with that elder again, when he said I miss many meetings, so I told him, I don't see you very often at the book study too or on Saturday morning service. He got mad and said he had to work, that's why. He got really mad, and raised his voice. The 2 other elders had totell him to calm down.....

    Gee, so he can miss meetings for work, and I can't miss for my personal reasons...

  • xjwms

    Proud to say:

    Yes I have.

    Could that ruin a reputation.?


  • Dismembered

    Yes, That was my last conversation with one.


  • MidwichCuckoo

    Just the one 'elder'/Glorious One, lol - what an UnChristian arse - can I say arse?

  • KW13


  • carla

    I did, but I'm not a jw so maybe it doesn't count. I totally lost it! So it just proved satan was in me and so it goes. I really just wanted them to stay the f-out of my marriage! I suppose it didn't matter really, I already probably looked like satan sitting in the 'room' in the hall with nearly every anti witness book ever published spread across the table and folders upon folders of printouts! LOL! hey, I was new to all of this, what can I say?

  • blondie

    I have always done it in with deep respect and submissiveness.

  • Warlock

    No, but I have a friend who should have.

    She slaved all morning to make a nice lunch for the C.O. and his wife. When they got to her home, they didn't want to eat half the things she made because the were on a "diet". The C.O.'s wife criticized their home, some of the food, her kids and some other things that I forgot.

    When they left, all she could do was cry.

    If that would have happened to me, the "glorious ones" would have had their "glorious asses" throw out my "glorious front door".

    Thanks for bringing up this subject and getting me pissed off, M.



    Elders yes... quite often about 2-4 yrs ago, lately I just sit in the elders meeting not giving a shit unless someone says something unkind about a publisher.

    CO yes and it got me taken off as Congregation Secretary, good riddance to that assignment anyway since I was already a member of JWD by then. The man was an ass and I actually pointed out to him one of his precious WTS's own rules that he wasnt adhering too correctly. He wasnt to pleased about that but knew enough not to argue with me in front of PO and SO. Suddenly shortly after his visit I see on the agenda for our next quarterly meeting "Possible selection of new Secretary" Elders are so christlike its as if I were beholding Jesus himself... yeah right!

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