Anti-Witnessed at an Office Today! It was fun!

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  • Seeker4

    I had to travel to another newspaper owned by the company I work for to learn some of their software today. It's an open office with everyone in one room, and we had a lot of interesting conversations on all sorts of subjects.

    At one point a reporter made a comment about a photo he was running, and noted that the woman had made comments that it was only with the help of the lord that she had been able to move her Radio Shack store to its new location. One of the other reporters said that it was good that Jesus had died on the cross 2000 years ago so that he could be available to help her out. I noted that that must be why 60 people were tortured and slaughtered in Baghdad last night, because God was too busy making sure Radio Shack got a great new location.

    Then I noted that I'd been really religious at one time, but was now an atheist.

    "Wow, from a believer to an atheist," one of the reporters said. "Didn't you consider agnostic?"

    "Yeah. I stopped at agnostic for about three days, then zoomed right to atheist," I told him, and everyone was laughing. "Actually, I was a minister. I was a Jehovah's Witness for about 30 years."

    Well, it was a room full of reporters, that caught their attention, and they began throwing questions at me right and left. It was really fun unlike actual JW witnessing, completely devoid of embarrassment. We talked about disfellowshipping and shunning, what Witnesses are known for (not celebrating holidays, birthdays, etc) and their experiences with JWs they knew.

    Then the office manager says that her kids have JW friends, and those kids come over to her house and celebrate their birthdays. "I didn't do anything like that when they were little," she said, "but now they are teenagers and they said they'd like to celebrate their birthdays, so I told them they could come over to my house and do it, and they do." I thought that was pretty cool.

    It also gave me the perfect opportunity to tell one of my favorite explanations of JW-think. I tell them that the Witnesses don't celebrate birthdays because the only two b'days mentioned in the Bible were occasions when someone was killed. "Now the Witnesses feel that that means God is telling us it's wrong to celebrate birthdays," I said, "but I think God is just trying to tell us, hey, don't kill anyone on your birthday!"

    Why is anti-witnessing so much more fun than JW-witnessing? Oh yeah, because it makes sense, and it can be very funny as well!


  • lovelylil

    That sounds pretty cool. I agree with your asessment of birthdays. Only JW's come to that conclusion because the WT tells them to. I also like the part of the lady and radio shack. (I am a Christian) but some Christians think every little thing that goes their way is some type of miraculous intervention by God. And that makes people think we are all nuts!

    Hey - I found my lucky socks today, well what a blessing from the LORD! Lilly

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Great story S4. I enjoy the anti - witnessing a lot more than the pro - witnessing I used to do, and it does make more sense, we're not spewing bs any more.

    Yeah. I stopped at agnostic for about three days, then zoomed right to atheist

    That was me as well, except I think my agnostic period lasted about a month.

  • freetosee


    wow, that was a great witness. I hope the reporters take this further or do more investigation.

    I am neither Gnostic nor atheist, but definitely don?t believe in the Jehovah bible-god. I too can?t believe that my convictions have changed so much and I reason like an atheist.

    It always feels good to hear about the exposing of the wt control mechanisms. THX for that. fts

  • Stephanus
    I agree with your asessment of birthdays. Only JW's come to that conclusion because the WT tells them to.

    And the Wt only came to that conclusion because they were already down on birthdays.

  • truth.ceeker
    Thanks for sharing your account with us. It would be good if more of these experiences could be told as it really does encourage those of us who need some positive news to help us get through each day.


  • mama1119

    I find I am much more successful at anti-witnessing than i was at witnessing.

  • Balsam

    Anti-witnessing is just so much more satisfying. Good going, thanks for sharing that.

  • Seeker4


    This all happened in New Hampshire, so not so far from you. I live in Vermont. I don't share the Christian viewpoint anymore (obviously), but still nice that we can all contribute to this site.

    And yes, this is so much more successful and fun than going door to door ever was!


  • lovelylil


    so true about us all sharing on this site no matter what our views. To tell you the truth, I have really broadened my mind in many areas because of some on this site. Sometimes It may not seem like it but I really do think deeply about things we discuss. I don't want to just accept things anymore and do not believe in blind faith. Often times I go back and re-read posts.

    And I have learned that no one has all the answers to everything. And no book has all the answers to everything - not even the Bible. Lilly

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