Crosses (on necklaces and hanging in your home)

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  • earthtone

    After reading Mary's post on crosses. I got to thinking.........

    How do people feel about wearing crosses as a memorial or remembrance of what Jesus went through for us?

    Does anyone remember witnesses using this explanation as to why they don't wear crosses or hang them in their home? I know I have used it. When people ask me about it I would ask them if they knew a gun killed their father, would they make a minature copy of it to hang around their neck or to hang in their home to remember what happen him. Of course most would say no, and then I would go on to ask why, and use their disgust of such a thing to prove how thats how we view it and then show scriptures about not making idols.

    But.... I never fully agree'd with this whole line of thought.

    I always understood why people wear crosses. Their way of honoring what he did for us. Like I'll never forget what he went through to give us this precious gift of forgiveness for our sin. At one time I thought of buying one. But I'm torn by it because of the the gun killing a family member line. I wonder if he would feel disrespected by the thought of wearing something pagan.

    What are your thoughts.

  • daystar

    I have a cross in my home, alongside my books on the occult, as a homage to the solar-phallic traditions, of which the JW religion, being Judeo-Christian in nature, is certainly a part.

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  • arwen

    I would love to buy a cross necklace or have someone give me one for a gift but I don't know if I am mentally ready for that yet. The place where I am now in my head is kind of blah.....I am thinking seriously about seeing a therapist. When I start "thinking" I get angry. I need to cross a few more bridges before I get the cross....

  • TopHat

    No religious symbols for me of any kind. I would NOT wear a cross necklace.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I wouldn't wear a cross, but it's nothing really to do with being an ex jw. The debate about whether jesus disd on a cross or a stake is irrelevant as far as I'm concerned..I am not religious in any way now, and not thinking of being so in the future, but wearing a cross or having one in the house just has no appeal for me.

  • lovelylil

    I don't particularly like crosses so I don't wear them. What I mean is the "style" of them that is all. But from what I understand for some it reminds them of what they feel Jesus did for them on the cross. And I have no problem with that. Lilly

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  • mama1119

    I have a necklace. I am not absolutley sure how I feel about it. I rarely wear it.

  • earthtone

    I have a necklace. I am not absolutley sure how I feel about it. I rarely wear it.

    It feels weird, right? I think it is our JW training.

    But at the same time, I understand the reasoning behind it. And some are very pretty.

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