As ex dubs how do you deal with former prejudices you once held?

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  • hambeak

    I have met some really great people on this site! I 'm sure as anyone who has read my posts realize I am Gay. (unless you are really nieve)

    But as I reflect as a Jw there were a lot of prejudice in the cong. Against gays, worldly people etc. How did you overcome it or did you?

    I know for me I still have inner conflicts with my own life style, although I accept who I am.

    Would love to hear your thoughts even from the bigots lol

  • earthtone

    I never had a problem with people being gay. I figure you have to born that way. No one can possibly want to be that different from everyone else. That is how God made you.

    Other prejudice hmmm

    I don't like hearing about a woman sleeping around, I mean like one week this guy, another week this guy. Sometime within day's of another guy. I know men do it all the time, but I'd probably call her a hoe. lol It's a double standard I need to let go of.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I wasn't really prejudiced against anyone, just a bit wary of "worldly" people, but now I'm a worldly person myself, I've dropped that prejudice.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Tough question. I'm so new out of the JW thought processes. But here is my take. While I am not a fundamental Christian (anymore) and I am very liberal (you do what you want, I do what I want), I still feel plagued by my personal feelings/training on the matter. Sleeping around and homosexuality are up there with lying and cheating to me.

    On the upside, I am firmly resolved to never let that cause me to look down on anybody. I have certainly been the fool of the WT for many years and people could look down on me. I am short, overweight. My wife and I are different races. People are all different. Just because I am still uncomfortable with certain moral standards doesn't mean that I need to apply my thinking to other people. You don't need my approval and I don't need to rid the world of people who live differently than me. (Hey, that's not WT thinking)

  • material BOY
    material BOY

    hi sugar,

    I'm not bitter about what went on with me, but sometimes i think why did i let them get away with it, and who the hell are these people to invade my private personal space and make assumptions and do it so loudly! they would not do this in the world because they know they would get a good punch or be sued! well i'm sorry but just because they read the bible dose not give them the right to treat people like they own them or have some sort of hold over them! i the end i just thought they were all mental packed up and left town.

  • earthtone

    Another one...

    My views on materalism. It is okay to want nice things, if you work hard for them. I have such a hard time spending money on anything. It's so weird. I can spend 15 dollars on 5 cheap shirts. But not want to spend 45 on a really good quality shirt. Same goes with everything else. I have to tell myself quantity does not equal quality. And it's okay to spend extra.

    I was always struggling over guilt about going to school for further education and having a good 40plus week career.

  • loli

    Hello! No, I don't have prejudices that the JW life would have made me keep. I have always thought that any attitude that divides us (humans in general)is unloving and just plain wrong. I mean, didn't Jesus say not to judge eachother? I never even liked to label people as "worldly" when I was associated. I know it may sound very childish but I just wish everyone could just accept everyone else and see where we are similar, not focusing on differences. As far as homosexuality goes, I'm a hairdresser and many men that I've worked with are gay. Sure, some are jerks, as are straight men/women, but some of the best friends I've made in my industry are gay. It pains me when ANYONE is made to feel less human than anyone else, for whatever reason.

  • Balsam

    Well learning that JW do not have the market on so called truth, and that truth is totally subjective to peoples experiences and reasoning it allowed me to see their wrong. If their wrong about how they taught the bible then what they taught was wrong.

    As for the teachings of the bible I believe they are men's thoughts on what they thought God was all about. It is not fact it is human reasoning on a touchy subject.


  • earthtone


  • juni

    Yes I was prejudice while a JW, but not racially prejudice.

    Now I don't have a problem w/people as long as they don't harm others or me. Or have an attitude problem.

    At work I got to know quite a few "gay" people. The majority were very nice. Though I did know one lady who was a bitch and was gay. Hey, you find that with anyone.


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