T.V. shows you miss?

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  • WildHorses
    Wildhorses, OMG -- Homefront was totally my show! It was on right after Thursday night meetings and my brother and I used to speed home in his Mustang so we wouldn't miss it! LOVE Kyle Chandler -- did you see him get blown to pieces on Grey's Anatomy last season?

    I sure did. As a matter of fact, that was the first time I'd seen Kyle in anything since homefront. I couldn't understand why since I thought he was such a hottie.

    My favorites were Linda Metcalf and how she felt betrayed by Charlie Hailey when he ended up marrying Caroline in England and bringing her to the States. I kind of liked Caroline in my own way to.

    Judy Owen (Kelly Rutherford) although I can't remember much about her story line. I just thought she was a very beautiful woman. She and Rosamund Pike (Pride and Prejudice) look alot alike.

    Right now, Greys Anatomy is my number 1 show on tv. I hope it continues for many a year.

  • ZazuWitts

    Larc and I never missed an episode of the "Equalizer" We always watched the show together. I also liked Spencer for Hire - evern though they were acting, the main chaacters seemed genuinely in love...great casting. Cagney and Lacy was also one of my favorites, too. Two very different women, but boy how they 'meshed' on screen.. Great supporting cast also. Saturday nights it was always great - All in the Family, the Bob Newhart shoe and the sometimes silly Bridget Loves Bernie.

  • LennyinBluemont

    Anybody remember:




    Both great shows cancelled after their first season.

    Of course, there's always NORTHERN EXPOSURE and HILL STREET BLUES

  • JH
  • free2beme

    There was this old show, I know most people will not remember, called Voyagers. It was about this guy who traveled through history to make sure things stayed on track, while doing so he teams up with this kid who really knows history well. The device he used to time leap, is called an Omni and the actor who played the character was JohnEric Hexum. Later while doing another series, he thought it would be funny to put a gun to his head with blanks in it and felt it would not hurt him. Instead he killed himself, as the pressure from the blank actually put a peice of his skull into his brain. The series though, was fun and I enjoyed it.

    Another is one call "Dark Angel", the first year was great. Loved it and would not miss it. James Cameron was the executive producer and it starred Jessica Alba. I think they show it on Sci-Fi channel from time to time. The second season, James Cameron was busy with other projects and did not spend any time with it. So the people in charge took one script and just kept repeating it over and over with only a couple of twist. It went down hill so fast in the second season, never seen anything take such a bad turn. Anyway, it was canceled. If they could bring it back and be like season one again, I would love it.

  • lilybird
    The Johnny Carson Tonight show ..he was the best

    Yep.. I really miss the Johnny Carson show..watched it every Friday nite.. Jay Leno just isn't the same..

  • free2beme

    When Johnny did it, there was no real competition. Now it is like all programs, there is an alternate choice with David Letterman. Personally, I am not real big on either, but I will watch David over Jay any day.

  • misspeaches

    I miss Fantasy Island... De plane! De plane!

  • JH
  • misspeaches

    JH that's awesome! i am going to save it to my phone and use it for my alarm to wake up to in the morning..hahaha

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