T.V. shows you miss?

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  • lonelysheep
    Don't forget Duck Tales (oooh oooh!)

    Lol! Now the song is stuck in my head! Thundercats is a good one, too.

  • Beardo

    Robin of Sherwood - cancelled - truly criminal.

    They are remaking it, but I doubt it will be as good. A bit like the poor remake of Dr Who. Mind you the original Dr Who was a bit poo as well.

  • DesertRat

    My earliest TV memories were of Sesame Street & the Electric Company (HEY YOU GUYS!!!). On those rare (i.e., VERY rare!!!) Saturday mornings that we didn't go in service, there was always the Bugs Bunny & Roadrunner Show. In the morning before school I remember the Great Space Coaster & Krofft Superstars.

    Most of all I miss the programs my father & I would watch together (on non-meeting nights...of course). He would make a huge batch of popcorn & we would watch CHIPS, the Dukes of Hazzard, Ten-Speed & Brown Shoe, Hawaii Five-O..

    Those were the days..


  • JWdaughter

    Northern Exposure

    Quantum Leap

    The old martha stewart show

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    1. going way back: my mother the car. the soupy sales show, captian kangaroo, the man from uncle, grorucho marx, lassie, gentle ben, the little rascals, ( think bill cosby, bought the right, and removed it from t.v. because of buckwheat , and stimie.) what a jerk bill is. but i miss bill cosby's first hit Fat albert. cannon, speed racer, twilight zone, feature creature, night shadows, and who can forget the late late show. etc . john
  • Sailor Ripley
    Sailor Ripley

    Three Stooges. They still come on the weekends but only for an hour of Sat and Sunday. I'd love to have every episode. I would watch them with my kids. They used to be the first thing on. My brother and I would watch the Test Pattern or Indian Head until they came on.

  • daystar


    Ooooohh.... that took me back.CHiPs!! Hawaii Five O!! How about... HEE HAWWWW!!!

  • 144001

    Gomer Pyle -- Sargeant Carter was a classic! His hot temper (caused by the tight uniform?) was quite entertaining. The Three Stooges: Shut up you numscals! Bewitched: We were forbidden from watching this show as kids; it has to make the list. Besides, I hear that if you turn it off, a hand will come out of your television and turn it back on, a trick that advertisers will love! Diff'rent Strokes: Whatchoo talkin bout Willis? What's Happening: Rerun! All in the Family: Archie was my favorite bigot Jeffersons: George was a classic; I loved the stupid caucasians he had for neighbors! Gilligans Island: C'mon, who could forget MaryAnne? Fantasy Island and Love Boat: What better shows for a guest appearance by the Village People? Taxi: Jim was a classic! Wonder Woman: Linda Carter is still hot! Did I forget to mention anything beyond the 1980s? Maybe that's because beyond the 80s, I found TV to be rather boring and gave it up.

  • wonderwoman

    I loved CHIPS. Fantasy Island scared the crapola outta me--Our babysitter always made us watch it w/her. I hate dolls bcuz of that show. Remember the one where the dolls came to life at night and killed people? FYI-If you are terrified of dolls, DO NOT go to House On The Rock. Really bad idea.

  • hambeak



    Will & Grace

    Amos & Andy

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