T.V. shows you miss?

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  • lilybird

    Cheers,, Magnum P.I.

    a corny hour murder mystery show called Hart to Hart

    The Bob Newhart show

  • WildHorses
    Does anybody remember "The Flash", from about 15 or so years ago? Based on the DC comic book hero who was really really fast.

    You know, John Wesley Shipp's dad used to be my Preacher in the Church I attended as a kid. He (not his dad) went to school with my Aunt Heidi. I remember when he lived in the house provided to his family by the church. The local KKK jerks shot at the house a few times because his family are decent people who love and accept people of all races and would invite their black friends as well as their white friends to their parties in their home. The KKK didn't like it so they did a drive by. John gave an interview in TV guide about it. That house was only a mile from ours. They had such a nice family, but sadly decided to move not to long after that incident.

    Shari, who hates the KKK because as an eight year old they called my house and called my mother a nigger lover along with a few other nasty words, because she was dating a black man at the time. Who in their right mind speaks to a child that way?

  • Nowman

    Jake and the Fat man

    LA Law


    Melrose Place


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff


    Little House on the Prarrie

    The Walton's

    Leave it to Beaver

  • Leolaia

    Does anyone recall "It's Your Move"? It was a Ferris Bueller-like show with Jason Bateman outplotting his dad, and I thought it was the most hilarious thing on television at the time, and was ticked off that it was pre-empted several times for the 1984 Presidential debates, and I had a hard time catching it before it disappeared for good (didn't last even a whole season).

  • monkeyshine

    Cartoons---Superfriends, Transformers, Bugs Bunny--What ever happened to Saturday morning? By the time I could stay home on Sat. mornings I was too old and all the good cartoons were gone. Creature double feature was a Sat. morning staple too.

  • Jamelle

    Firefly (A show that got cancelled WAY too soon!)

    Ally McBeal (Loved it!)

    Star Trek The Next Generation (Used to watch the reruns after school everyday!)

    Charlie's Angels

  • tall penguin
    tall penguin

    Remington Steele with a very young Pierce Brosnan. Yummy.

    tall penguin

  • sir82

    Here's another one I bet no one remembers:

    "On the Rocks", a sitcom from some time in the 70's, about a minimum securtiy prison. Of course the prisoners were way smarter than the guards, but never used their abilities to actually break out or anything. I think it also lasted one season, maybe 2.

  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Anyone remember "Small Wonder" with the robot girl?

    I LOVED that show - and no one I know now even remembers it!!!

    I also loved Punky Brewster, Rainbow Brite, The Muppet Show, Bugs Bunny, Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers...

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