Watchtower Progress, One Funeral At a Time

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  • metatron

    There once was a scientist who cynically observed that science seems to progress one funeral at a time, as older men depart (as obstacles)

    and new theories are allowed to flourish. In the case of authoritarian regimes, the demise of the "old guard" can bring about sudden changes

    as when the Soviet Union fell apart after the old Bolsheviks passed away - or China changed, after the Veterans of the Long March faded


    The Watchtower will not be different. Currently, they are suffering because Fred Franz died and left no one with the 'gravitas' needed to make

    major doctrinal changes. New leaders may not even be able to make sense of the Society's patchwork of beliefs, anymore than the

    inheritors of Herbert Armstrong's church could! "New" men may not have the same appreciation for personally observed history

    or tradition. Any of you guys remember 1914? No? Nobody really?. How about Chuck Russell? The guy with a beard? Anyone? Anyone?

    "New" men may not have the personal loyalties that former "Theocrats" did. Teddy? Teddy who?

    Do you think my comments about changes and funerals sound rude? If so, you should consider that I am merely articulating what many

    "faithful" Witnesses secretly think - that the organization will get better once Father Time takes his toll. I can recall various

    "loyal" elders quietly saying things no different from the above, in regard to their own exhaustion within the organization.

    They think they're different from "the world". The future will show otherwise.


  • stillajwexelder

    great post metatron

  • hubert

    I think you're right, Met.

    As the older GB pass away, the younger ones won't have the audacity to think up idiotic rules the way the old timers did. The times........ they are a-changing.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I would never call your comments "rude," metatron.

    I have offered supplication to TJ himself to hasten to his reward, but he is so fond of his human form he resists and spends the Society's resources in an effort to remain a mere human mortal.

    EMBRACE YOUT TRANSFIGURATION, TED! Thrill us with your new becoming!

  • truthseeker

    Hmmm, not sure Metatron.

    I'm sure the GB only picks successors who are loyal Society men with not a hint of doubt.

    To date, we have seen nothing that indicates the new guard will be less Rehoboam like.

    Reports from various talks given by the newer GB members only indicate more of the "we must be loyal to the channel that Jehovah is using."

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Good post metatron.

    I don't think you're rude at all, and you may well be right. When all the very old men go, the winds of change may well blow through the wts. Let's hope, for the sake of those who have syayed loyal, that it's a change for the better.

  • AlanF

    I totally agree, metatron.


  • proplog2

    You need new ideas and feeding old brains to bacteria seems to be the best guarantee.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I actually hope these new men continue along similar lines as the old ones, but you are probably right. If they adapt to changing times, it will give many witnesses the glimmer of hope they need to stay with the Governing Body and the WTS. If they continue to push the same old stuff, the truth on the internet or from ex-JWs will expose them, the doctrines will be examined by good students and they will leave. Many new ones will become inactive and a trend will continue to abandon or at least just stop going so much to meetings.

    To hope for the extreme changes that would bring them in line with actual truth, in other words- to make them a valuable organization, would be asking WAY TOO MUCH. Therefore I reject such hope.

  • Narkissos

    What the WT is completely missing imo is creative theologians. The last one (F.W. Franz) died over 15 years ago, and since then afaik no significant change of doctrine was published, except the 1995 "generation" shift which may have already been prepared under Franz. They have lots of technical experts in law, medicine, communication and media who may alert the society about the needs for change, but I doubt they have anyone (or anyone they trust enough) with the ability to develop doctrine to support future changes. All the organisation men, throughout their career, are fed the idea doctrine is heaven-sent, and most of those who have any interest in theology quickly end up out as "apostates". My opinion is that they will keep a "wait-and-see" policy until necessity (in the form of significant number and/or cash drop) requires otherwise, and perhaps then they will look for some "independent thinker(s)" to help them out.

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