Is it time for some new GB members?

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  • mama1119

    I think these guys are doing a GREAT job!!!! Wouldnt change a thing!!!

  • freetosee

    Hi dozy,

    Jaracz is in his eighties and (allegedly) has heart trouble

    has this been confirmed? I thought it was only a rumor about the boss. If it's true then a new spirit should already be noticed. Although I doubt the young gb will make much changes, they will only if they have to. Eventually the teaching will be forced to change, due to their greatest enemy time. Seems like we don't have to wait too long to see how they do it this time. fts

    Edit: Ignore my question I just remembered what allegedly means. Sorry, my english is not as good as it used to be.

  • slimboyfat

    Well Japan Boy confirmed it, so I would say it is on pretty good authority.


  • freetosee

    THX Slim, the first ones to post that info about TJ were treated like trolls, so I was not sure. bttt

  • tijkmo

    doesnt really matter to me....check...doesnt matter to me at all

  • garybuss

    The concept of a Governing Body is all that keeps the three corporations together. Not the Governing Body, the concept. One corporation has the people and the religion, one corporation has the buildings and the printing equipment, the other corporation has the cash and the copyrights.

    The Society now is so incredible that they are forced to enforce. The only product today is the latest Watchtower magazine. Their beliefs have been reduced to claims and their faith has been reduced to threats. This is an egg shell.

    What's the next logical thing to happen? Think this through. The presidents of the corporations have more power than the Governing Body. They know it. So far they are staying in the shadows but it's a restless stay. I think I'm watching Adams.


    By Richard N. Ostling
    AP Religion Writer
    Monday, Oct. 9, 2000; 11:59 p.m. EDT
    NEW YORK ** Leaders of the Jehovah's Witnesses have ordered the biggest organizational shake-up since the evangelist sect was incorporated 116 years ago, saying it would help the 5.9-million member group expand worldwide.

    The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, as the group is officially known, had been run by a so-called Governing Body. Now, religious and administrative duties will be divided, with three newly formed corporations running the group's U.S. operations.

    President Milton Henschel, 80, and the group's six other board members resigned their posts on Saturday.

    "The reason for the changes was both theological and practical," said public affairs director James N. Pellechia.

    He said the Governing Body, now relieved of its administrative tasks, would be able to "concentrate more on the ministry of the Word."

    Don Adams, a 50-year veteran of the organization, has been named president of the organization, and seven lower-ranking members will make up the new board. Henschel will remain a member of the Governing Body, which will have a rotating chairman rather than a permanent leader.

    Until Saturday, the head of the Watch Tower society was always regarded as the single leader of the religion, dating back to founder Charles Taze Russell. He began publishing a magazine detailing the imminent end of the world system in 1879, incorporated the Watch Tower society in 1884 and ruled the religion till his death in 1916.

    Watch Tower presidents have taken a lower profile since the days of Russell and his flamboyant successor Joseph Rutherford, who died in 1942. "I don't believe the Witnesses look to any one person" as leader, Pellechia said.

  • metatron

    New GB members? Would it make much difference?

    If the Soviet Union had retired its "Governing Body", would it still be here today? The probelms facing the Watchtower Society - lagging

    contributions, junk doctrines, loss of young people, and general malaise amidst a changing world they refuse to adapt to - won't go away

    regardless of what ivory-tower zealot they appoint. Actually, Witnesses would be better off if they put a closet deist in charge of everything.


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