A JW Elder Calls!!

by Gill 37 Replies latest jw friends

  • jimbo


    I understand giving 'tit for tat'. Can you also give 'tat for tit'?

    jimbo (from the well rounded sense of humor class)

  • mama1119

    While it is maddening, I think hubby was right. let them be the ones that treat people badly, you are better than that and have moved on.

  • Gill

    Thanks All! I, like all of you think he did a good job. He probably made a better job of changing the JWs view of us than my trying to place the 'Apostate Weekly' with him, figuratively speaking of course!!!

    Dansk - Stop trying to worry me with the Return Visit thing! I have, unfortunately noticed that in the last few months relatives have rung us and contacted us (on my side of the family) when normally they just have nothing at all to do with us. I'm hoping that there isn't a 'reactivation' scheme/attempt on the go because they're in for a bit of a shock! However...if I could just keep my cool like my husband does.....I may be able to get some reactivated brain cells going on their side!

    Curioser and curioser......time will tell.

  • sass_my_frass

    Yeah I get it. I'm not interested in denying anybody the right to believe whatever stupid thing they want. I don't think WBTS is going anywhere and I don't care, as long as I'm not in it. I'll help anybody who wants to get out, but I'm not going near anybody who thinks they're happy with it. The planet has bigger problems.

  • Gill

    Also, I find it interesting, that this Elder knows the Watchtower view on people like us.

    My relatives are aware of my anti JW stance though have never dobbed me in. Three of my cousins are Elders. (However, they probably fear my sharp tongue and the good beating I'd give 'em if they ever told on me!!!) (You think I'm kidding!!! I'm a petite woman with a neat left hook! They've all felt it at some time!)

    So....are JWs beginning to quietly rebel from the Watchtower directions....all be it in a small way?

  • Dansk


    Should I invite some elders to the curryfest? Could you imagine it! A bunch of rock-heads walk in to find over 40 apostates tucking into curry! It would be hilarious. Oh, please let it happen...................................


  • Gill

    You could try it?

    Even just asking them proves you don't 'play the game' anymore and so...you win!

    I suppose we play a different sort of game now...and it's more fun!

  • Ironhead

    Gill, I would have been like you extremely mad. The cheek he had getting his car fixed by hubby after shunning you both. I would have gave him a mouthful. But in saying that, I learnt something today. Your hubby heaped fiery coals on their heads by being courteous. If I find myself in the same situation, I'm going to do the same.

  • Gill

    Thanks, Ironhead! He was extremely cool about it all. Wheras I was hopping mad! I learnt a lot myself.

  • AuldSoul


    With individual JWs, I feel exactly like your husband...tsk, tsk, poor things. When it comes to the organization behind the name, I feel exactly like you... bring 'em down!


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