How do you feel about the name Jehovah?

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  • Pleasuredome

    i think its sounds gay.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Even with their error of inserting the name Jehovah into the New Testament, God is simply called Father more times in the New Testament. Their use of the term seems to be something that comes from pre-christian times than christian times. The NT teaches that the only name for salvation is Jesus. The Watchtowers points regarding the name are over-exaggerated and I have let go of it.

  • Terry

    I'm simply terribly embarassed that I once thought that there was a guy in the sky who went by a name I was mispronouncing while claiming to have "Witnessed" when this selfsame guy is invisible!

    I'd hate to be called Mary when my name is Terry.

    I'd hate for my children to call me Terry instead of dad, daddy or father. It would be disrespectful.

    But, no.....I went around calling the purported supreme being in the entire universe by name like I was on equal terms.

    Hubris! Utter Hubris!!

    Now I don't think that anything even resembling a conscious deity would have to wear a name badge like some putz at a Shriner's convention just so you could tell him from the other punters.

    The entire thing (God, God having a name, using the name on equal footing, etc.) is just ridiculous and prehistoric and demonstrates how far superstition can penetrate a rational person's mind.

  • Morocco

    i feel that since the name has been lost it is silly to place importance on it, am i doomed to death because i did not say God's name in prayer? besides its a mans name, just like the concept of god. what a-hole assumes god is exactly like us? for humans, learning what and who god is can be compared to monkies trying to learn financial responsibility... concepts, like the bible, that are basically a lie are needed as a dumbed down comparison for reality because we arent on the same level as him, we can not understand anything but a likeness to something we know. what if god is nothing like we know? every explination is a lie. But does it matter? Its the same thing with his name, did someone interview god and ask him to spell his name? of course not, some guy made it up in the presence of necessity, maybe it was communicated, who cares... if you need a name to differentiate the true god from a shmorgasboard of false gods then the true god isnt all that wonderful is he?

  • Virgochik

    When I pray, I pray to Jesus, who it's easy for me to feel close to. I perceive "Jehovah" as an entity of endless rules, punishment and difficult to please. Surely God isn't like that, but loving and forgiving? I get confused about how "Jehovah" and this disciplinarian personna could be the real God, who loves us so much. The name just makes me uncomfortable and brings back bad memories.

  • IP_SEC


  • Flash

    I definately use it. I still worship Jehovah, but apart from His errant people.

    I am looking forward to learning in the kingdom what, from His point of view, is the correct pronounciation.

  • Little Drummer Boy
    Little Drummer Boy

    Kudra said: I do think the Name "Je-Hoagie" is funny ...cause of the hoagies at the conventions...

    That reminds me of when we used to joke around about the guy in the picture in the front of the united in worship book with his arms held apart and looking sideways at the reader. He is the Hawaiian guy in the blue flower shirt. There is a line of witnesses going off into the distance and up to the mountain of jehovah. The obvious intent is that he is welcoming you to come along to the mountain.

    We always joked that he was saying:

    - And when we get up there, the hoagies are thiiiiiiis big!-

  • free2beme

    I see it as a name associated with the mythical religion of Christianity.

  • itsallgoodnow

    How I feel about the word "Jehovah" depends on the context.

    for example,

    "Jehovah is a myth." That's ok with me.

    "Thank you Jehovah for finding my purse." Not ok.

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