(9-11-01) September 11, 2001 Remembered

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  • looking_glass

    MinisterAmos said he would like to remember the 2.2 million who die of cancer associated w/ smoking.

    Well my grand father and father both died of lung cancer and they both smoked. It was sad, but in the end they both knew what they were doing was killing them but they continued. Even before smoking was deemed dangerous, my grand father's doc told him to stop. I don't believe anyone in the twin towers didn't pull the mask off of ol' long ranger so as to cause crazies in a plane to take out their building with them in it. I morn the loss of my father, I lost him when I was young and when he was young. But don't use cancer associated with smoking as a club to bet us up side the head with and don't use it to compare 9/11 with. Because they are very different things.

    Simon said

    I'd like to remember the 30,000+ under 5's who die every day from preventable diseases and malnutrition - often from a direct result of policies of large, western countries.

    That is 10x the number who died sept 11, every day. Little kids who had shitty short existences. Because we like to eat lots of cheap food and make pointless car trips.

    Do the maths. I'm sorry but Sept 11 was inconsequential in comparison.

    I'd like to remember human kindness. The kind that would allow people to put their basic hatred for other nations, religions and races behind them. The kind that would allow all of us to morn the loss of ALL innocent life. My GF's father did not ask to have a crazy in a plane crash into his floor. He did not ask to lose the ability to see his first grand child. He did not ask to lose the ability to retire w/i the next year. By virtue of your posting you are assuming that people in western countries do not help but only hinder others. There are numerous people here that volunteer time and money to people not only in their own country but in other places as well. I can promise you that the same people who posted here sending well wishes to those who are morning their loved ones lost on 9/11 wish that all disease was done away with, but they do not have it within their limited ability to wipe out ever disease or hurt or evilness or hatred. I don't see one person who has likened 9/11 to atrocities happening around the world. So to say that Sept 11th is inconsequential in comparison seems unnecessary because no one was saying 9/11 was the worst thing that has ever happened in the world. We were respecting lost life. Some of us were noting how it directly effected us.

    People here are are respecting loss of life it is just that plain and simple. I guess I would ask that if someone wants to take a piss at the 9/11 thing they they do what was suggested before, start your own thread about the issue that is closest to your heart. But for those who lost loved ones, let's be respectful of them and how they feel.

    Peace L_G

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    Looking Glass,

    (APPLAUSE) You've said it better than anybody else. If you want to take up the cause of beating smoking or children dieing because of lack of food, by all means take up the cause and I will support it. I remember how supportive this board was the day and weeks that followed that tragic day. I remember several avitars changing from pictures of kittens and loved ones to US flags and the towers. I was caught up in patriotism too, it was the only time my avitar was not a jayhawk. It seemed the whole world woke up and realized we had a problem if left unchecked, could cause unbelieveable calamity. We saw the uglyness of hatred that day. We even saw how beautiful the principal of loving thy neighbor is. We saw heroes born, and unfortunately, we saw heroes die.


    Well said, LG. It is sad when the classless & tasteless must besmirch the remembrance of those that died for no reason other than being American. They are tacit collaborators with the enemy,IMO.

  • free2beme

    I watched that movie "the Road to 9/11" tonight ... the end had me very sad and emotional. That is why I refuse to watch the movie WTC.

  • bebu

    We surely must do what we can for those whom we can help. But that does not mean we should neglect mourning with those who mourn.

    Thanks for starting this thread, Jayhawk.


  • Tigerman

    Thank you, looking_glass . . .well said.

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