Do You Think President Obama Is Muslim?

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  • Island Man
    Island Man
    "my question is not conspiracy based. He seems very pro Muslim, more than any other politician that I know of."

    Unlike most Americans, Obama lived a significant part of his childhood outside America. He was born in Kenya and I believe he also lived a while in Indonesia - a predominantly Muslim country. So Obama is likely familiar with Islam and Muslim people having lived among them for some time. I think this explains his apparent sympathy toward and defense of, Islam. I believe he is either Atheist or he's a liberal, non-aligned theist who doesn't think God can be confined to any one religion.

  • Hairtrigger
    Mu-slim? Jeeze! I need to get on his program. I'm pushing 230 pounds
  • OnTheWayOut
    He is neither Christian, nor Muslim, nor Hindu, nor even atheist. He is a "politician."
  • Viviane
    He was born in Kenya

    Or, you know, Hawaii. Where he has a birth certificate from.

  • Simon

    If he is a Muslim then he isn't a very good one - his wife and children don't walk round with cloth bags over their heads for a start.

    Of course he isn't but even if he was - so what? We had a nutcase christian in the whitehouse and look how that worked out!

    The US government is not one guy. It's an administration and he's just the figurehead. If the implication of "is he a muslim" is intended to mean "can we trust the government" then it sounds like low-politics / tea-party tactics to spread slurs.

  • Miles
    Island Man, where do you get your information from?? Obama was born in Hawaii, last time I checked it's part of the USA.......Why are Americans so misinformed.
  • Hortensia
    I imagine he's an atheist.
  • snare&racket
    You're an idiot
  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    lol the OP is a birther.

    *makes mental note never to take anything he has to say seriously*

  • JWdaughter

    Obama is not Muslim. I started checking him out before he officially declared. I was kind of on the conservative side of the aisle-ok, a lot. So, I read all the nasty stuff that was said about him and his so called faith. I tried to see the other side. I gave the birther idea a (way more than fair) consideration (bordering on ridiculous, because, like I said, I was R).I picked apart his family relationships and his friends and his travels and his drug use.

    He wasn't born in Kenya. Period. He was raised with Muslims for a while, but I don't think he was or is Muslim. He is a liberal and educated Christian who is not a provincial troglodyte He isn't getting his information on Islam from conservative talk radio like some here may be.(I used to be one of you.) He knows the difference between what the Quran teaches and what ISIS is doing. He isn't ignorant of what Islam "really" is, like some who claim to be experts are-just plain ignorant or deceptive.He doesn't seem to have had any adult brushes with the practice of Islam. Being nice or hospitable or conciliatory to people isn't exactly an "unchristian" thing to be. Bhe Bushes were gracious hosts to the same crowd of people His mom was not Muslim and he spent MOST of his formative years in the States with his christian family, His dad was a alcoholic atheist. Not exactly a picture of Islamic devotion. I dont see it.I just don't think so.

    My catholic son was in a school filled with Muslims and living in a Muslim country (not going to a madrassa, but most of his friends from school were Muslim and there were Arabic courses and praying allowed in the school(voluntary)). Two years 10-12. He is not Muslim, he's an altar boy at the local RC church.

    My investigation of Obama and the question of his religion led me to investigate Islam more fully. I didn't vote for him either time. I think Obamacare is unconstitutional (but I like certain aspects of it). I think he has done some lame ass stuff. I think he seems well intentioned but very political (which negates a lot of good intentions, IMO). I think Michelle dresses nice.

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