Do You Think President Obama Is Muslim?

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  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    "my question is not conspiracy based. He seems very pro Muslim, more than any other politician that I know of."

    He's being, in his opinion, respectful. He doesn't judge Judaic values because of the Old Testament nor does he judge Christians because of their hellfire for everyone teaching. He's simply of the belief that all religions are nice and smell of roses except for the terrorists in question. Terrorists in any religion.

  • minimus
    Yeah, that's
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    This website offers insights into Obama's religiosity:
  • Vidiot

    Oh, for the love of...

    ...for God's sake, people; everyone knows he's a Reptilian!

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    And a Gay Muslim crack dealer who was engaged to a man before he married Michelle.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    I agree he is agnostic or atheist. Usually people with an education tend in that direction. That's why the GB is bashing University. But I think he is on the right track not using Muslim in the descriptor of these terrorists. Take their thunder from them and turn them into simple criminals and not religious zealots. I think they are empowered when the west uses their chosen titles. Disconnect Allah from the actions of the terrorists and the world, that way the other "Muslims" will fall in line. So far so good. It seems he is making a point of taking the theocracy out of the language of punks. Go Jordan!
  • titch

    No, I don't think that the current President, Barack H. Obama, is a Muslim. But, even IF he were a Muslim, what are people afraid of? Do they honestly believe that if he were a Muslim, that the United States could not survive as a nation? Do they REALLY believe that he is going to try to turn the United States into an Islamic country? Quite frankly, I am looking forward to the time in this country's future history, when a person who is a professed atheist---or at least a professed agnostic---occupies the White House as the President. Either a man or a woman, doesn't matter. Best Regards, all.


  • Viviane

    Thinking he is Muslim is perfect normal, assuming you ignore that he says he is Christian, often goes to church, does things that are very non-Muslim, that there is no evidence for his being Muslim, that he is ordering the killing of Muslims on a regular basis, hosts Easter prayers, often talked of being inspired by the resurrection, etc.

    But, if he were, so what? That would just mean he is part of a worldwide middle eastern death cult, like every other Christian, Muslim or Jew.

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic
    I think he's an Apathy-ist. He probably doesn't care one way or the other if there is a God or not.
  • Miles

    I think CAPYTAN said it best; that he is sympathetic to the Muslim faith due to his father being a Muslim, but remember he was brought up by his super white Grandparents. It's part of the Right Wing Republican machine to try to discredit Obama whenever they can. He and his wife are very intellectual people and are tolerant of all faiths. Right wing nuts hate the fact that he a smooth smart guy that most people outside the States love the guy.

    Why don't they talk about all the stupid things Bush did in office.

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