Do You Think President Obama Is Muslim?

by minimus 36 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus
    I really think that he is. Not that it's a bad thing...
  • sir82

    Yes, and he was born in Kenya.

    And he is a space alien.

    Just like Queen Elizabeth.

  • cappytan

    I think he's sympathetic to Muslims, more sympathetic than many Judeo-Christians may like. But no, I don't think he's a Muslim.

    I honestly think he's a closet atheist, not that there's anything wrong with that.

  • pixel
    ^What he said^
  • minimus

    I am serious. He might be an illegal alien too, sir82, but I'll leave that one alone.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    No. He sends his daughters to a Unitarian school - Unitarians are politically liberal - and he himself was involved in a church that got notoriety for it's African American stand. The minister was reported as saying "God damn America."

    He's brought up on prior occasion the fact that the Bible instituted slavery so he's not the type of Christian who rationalizes those type of matters.

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  • DJS

    Don't know, don't care. However, I do not think he is a Muslim for one second. The right wing nut cases spin everything in his past to make him appear sinister, just as the left wing nut cases try to make right wing pols appear sinister, which is one of the reasons I am apolitical. Paul Kengor tells me Obama is a Communist because his mentor, Frank Marshall. who was selected by his white grandfather to mentor young Barack for the purest of motives, had Communistic leanings.

    Donald Trump tells me that the birther rumors are true, even though the overwhelming evidence says different.

    And other right wing nut jobs tell me he is a Muslim because of his father.

    If you read Obama's history, he is a child of the planet, having lived around the disadvantaged at a young age and the advantaged later in life. I'm with Cappytan, he is likely an atheist, but that is death to a politician.

  • donny
    No I do not. I have not seen any convincing evidence to support that conclusion.
  • sir82

    Min is bored on a Friday afternoon.

    Should have asked a sex question - those always get more responses than the wack-a-doodle conspiracy nut topics.

  • minimus

    I like the sex questions too but not today.

    my question is not conspiracy based. He seems very pro Muslim, more than any other politician that I know of.

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