Flood/Bristlecone Pine: bible believers: Non blievers also please read

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  • skyking

    Using overlapping tree ring patterns from dead and still living Bristlecone pines shows a 100% provable climate for California for over 10,000 years thus proving the the great flood did not happen as far back as 10,000 years ago. This is proof that will stand up to even the dumbest bible thumping JW that is as long as they still have a brain.

    www.americanforests.org/productsandpubs/ magazine/archives/2004winter/feature1_1.php - 19k

    www.unmuseum.org/radiocar.htm - 8k www.bbc.co.uk/weather/features/ science_nature/archaeological_dating.shtml - 27k -

  • skyking

    I would of thought people would have been interested in this topic.

    Where are the bible apologist?

  • AlanF

    A good topic, skyking.

    It's early yet, and there aren't many young-earth creationist types on this board, so you shouldn't expect a lot of responses from such.


  • ThomasCovenant


    I emailed a university in Arizona about 2 years ago as they seem to be involved in this tree ring research and asked some professorwas there any proof for the trees concerned being submerged for up to a year in water about 4300 years ago. I didn't think I would get an answer but a very short reply came back....................'No, none whatsoever.'


    Thomas Covenant

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Obviously when the bristlecone pines were completely submerged under many fathoms of swirling torrent and their roots were deprived of oxygen for more than a year the trees switched into "seaweed mode" and thus continued their existence.

    That's a joke, of course.

    Great point, SkyKing!

  • skyking

    That is interesting because I make my living as a horticulturalist my wife and I have even given public lectures for the local college classes. This is not possible why? becasue of the sedimentary pressure of all the mud and water pounding down onto the trees would of killed the trees because of lack of oxygen. The water current form the ocean would have ripped the trees out. The layer the sediment would of burried the trees.

    Even if there was no cuurent or sediment the roots of a tree can be submerged but if that trees leaves or pines needles are submerged by water the tree dies every quickly it could only suvive a few months. I could go on and on why this is not possible so I wont.

  • AlanF

    The Society has commented on the bristlecone pine evidence a couple of times, but a long time ago. They basically dismissed the evidence in the usual way -- scientists can be wrong, several rings can form in a year, how could dead wood possibly hand around for such a long time? etc. They never addressed the hard questions.

    Dead wood can hang around a very long time in the high altitude, extremely dry and barren areas of the White Mountains in which they grow. It's cold and dry, so there's hardly any critters around to eat the wood or make it decay. Even when ancient wood lies directly on the ground, because the ground is essentially barren gravel, there's nothing to make it decay.

    The fact that dead wood is cross-correlated with living wood kills the argument about multiple yearly tree rings. While there are a few such rings, they're few and they don't affect the final result, which is cross-checked with -- horrors! -- carbon 14 dating.

    In some parts of Europe, carbon 14 dating has been cross-correlated not only with tree ring dating, but with sediment layers in lakes and bogs. These methods also correlate nicely with ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica. When four independent methods from widely varying locations come up with the same dating scheme for events in the past 10,000 years, you know they're correct.


  • garybuss

    I remember the Witness people told me the Grand Canyon was caused by Noah's flood and the flood also caused the mountains. I asked them why no new mountains were being formed in the oceans.
    The Atlantic Ocean max depth is 28,231 ft. Mount Everest is 29,028 feet high.
    According to the flood mountain theory, the oceans should be nothing but valleys and mountains and they're not.
    This is what happens when somebody tries to objectify a fairy tale.

  • kid-A

    "This is proof that will stand up to even the dumbest bible thumping JW that is as long as they still have a brain".

    Excellent post. The problem is, most creationist bible thumpers had their brains turned off many years ago....reading the Genesis account....and believing such fairy tale nonsense requires a prolonged lack of oxygen to the cortex....

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Good post, skyking

    Of all the bible stories, the flood was the hardest I found to believe. I asked questions without ever getting a real answer, I was told just believe it, jehovah says it so it must be true, but there was always a nagging doubt.

    Posts lihe this one tell me why I always had doubts.

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