Flood/Bristlecone Pine: bible believers: Non blievers also please read

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  • Kudra

    Dendrochronology has been found to be completely reliable. It is straightforward which trees do and do not produce annual rings. The 70's articles on the BCPs and tree-ring dating are more examples of selective quoting by WT.

  • moshe

    I attempted to look up the subject of Ice Core sampling in the Watchtower CD-ROM, however, the Watchtower has not written anything.


    I called a professor from the University of Pittsburgh back in 1994 after I read a story in USA Today about their Greenland Ice Core project. He talked to me for almost an hour. He debunked almost every WT argument about the flood and their dates. Over 10 years later they have even more ice core data from all over the world. Most of it is related to climate research and this falls right in line with the Flood story as isn't that a very severe climate change? Any JW who figures out that the WT writing department is using dishonest scholarship to bolster its Flood story should begin doubt everything written by the WT writing staff.

  • skyking

    I was correct was I not that there would be those that refused to see the truth about the trees. You are not talking about one or two tree here but hundreds and many dead trees that have been dead thousands of years. When you have two factors proving the same conclusion as you do with the tree. 1. the carbon dating proves gives you the same date as 2. The rings in the tree do.

    Out of the mouth of two witnesses......

  • PrimateDave

    Here's a quote from the book Biblical Nonsense. The Geological Fiasco One should also realistically expect at least a scant amount of geological or natural evidence for a global flood if the supernatural catastrophe took place, but the signs overwhelmingly point to the contrary. The flood should have created a massive extinction along the floors of the oceans. Likewise, millions of land organisms that would have certainly been victimized by the flood would also have deposited a large layer of terrestrial fossils. Of course, neither one of these evidential necessities is apparent. Miles of coral reef, hundreds of feet thick, still survive intact at the Eniwetok atoll in the Pacific Ocean. The violent flood would have certainly destroyed these formations, yet the rate of deposit tells us that the reefs have survived for over 100,000 undisturbed years. Similarly, the floodwaters, not to mention the other factors leading to a boiling sea, would have obviously melted the polar ice caps. However, ice layers in Greenland and Antarctica date back at least 40,000 years. The whole chapter on Noah's impossible flood is here: http://www.biblicalnonsense.com/chapter6.html (copy and paste, sorry) The problem with Witnesses, however, is that they are under such mind control that they refuse to see the evidence when it is right in front of them. Dave

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